Personal Safety Training

Pro-Active Safety Systems FailSafe is a state of the art confrontation management and personal protection system. This easy to learn and life enhancing system is offered exclusively in the greater Herkimer area by Bailey’s Karate School of Herkimer.

We have been studying, and researching real world aggression and violence since 1981. As a result, our behaviorally based system is effective, reliable and appropriate for men, women and children. It is one of the most complete confrontation management programs in the world.

FailSafe provides our staff with a powerful tool to address not only physical protection but also the more common emotional & psychological attacks we and our families face. The skills taught allow our students to, in most cases, peacefully resolve most everyday conflicts.

Our ANTI BULLYING TALKS are provided all over the greater Herkimer area. With decades of confrontation management experience BKS presentations have a real impact. Call or email to book a talk for your school or other group p; psycho

We offer a variety of CUSTOM PROGRAMS for children and adults. FailSafe can help improve, confidence and conflict management skills for agency personnel, corporate employees, parents, students and teachers. Programs teach participants how manage confrontations as peacefully as possible, and provide personal protection education for those in high-risk environments.

Here is a partial list of groups we provide training for:

  • Children’s groups,
  • Educators,
  • Elementary & high school students
  • Boy scouts/ girls scouts
  • Summer day camps
  • Healthcare workers
  • Women's groups
  • Corporations

P.A.S.S. LEO also specializes in full spectrum DT training for law enforcement, security personnel and other first responders....

If you have a need please contact us for more information.

You can experience P.A.S.S. training in our martial arts classes, as a stand alone training option or in our periodic seminars. We also provide customized training for various professional groups including medical, social service, security and law enforcement. Contact us for more information.

FailSafe Training @ Bailey's Karate School, 309 Miller Ave, Herkimer NY 13350