Cardio Fitness

Cardio Karate (Fitness Class)

Call it what you may (tae bo, aerobic kickboxing, turbo kick etc.). We've got it, and it’s a super triple fat burning work out.You just can’t get a better workout; our members come back month after month because they have a great time in the highly motivated go at your own pace classes.

It's not about the latest fad work out or packing the class to maximize profit, it’s taught by professionals you can trust to put your interests first. Everyone in our close knit group works to help you achieve your fitness goals. Contact us or go ahead and sign up for for a free trail class today!

Note: You can enroll in Cardio on a monthly basis completely independent of any of our other programs.

Bailey's Karate School, 309 Miller Ave, Herkimer NY 13350

(315) 866-2589