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Dispute Resolution

Mediation & Conciliation

Whether you need an experienced neutral to help facilitate your negotiation or an attorney to help guide you in the process, the law firm of Anne R. Tessier can help.

What is Dispute Resolution?

In the past, more often than not disputes were settled in the courtroom. Today more and more people are choosing to resolve disputes on their own terms, without going to court. They are deciding to take advantage of the opportunity to meet with a neutral mediator or conciliator to talk about the issues that are most important to them. People are choosing to have an active role in resolving their disputes and come to a resolution that they can live with. Dispute resolution can help you settle your dispute with your landlord or tenant, a business owner, employee, or with the collection of a debt, family matters, and more.

What happens in Mediation and Conciliation?

The final decision remains with you. It is a voluntary, confidential and flexible process in which a neutral third party helps you to clarify the issues and settle your differences. You have the opportunity to tell your side of the story and the chance to come to an agreement on your own terms.

How can Mediation and Conciliation help you?

Deciding to resolve a dispute in mediation or conciliation empowers you to work out your differences and to make your own decisions with the help of a neutral third party, saving you both time and money.

To learn more about Dispute Resolution in the courts, see A GUIDE TO COURT-CONNECTED ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION SERVICES , prepared by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court/Trial Court Standing Committee on Dispute Resolution in cooperation with the SJC Public Information Office.

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