The Yoga Workshop

How To Lose Hold?

Relax, stretch, connect

Body and Spirit

"Having the senses awake"

"To be present at the moment"

"Opening up to new sensations"

Does that speak to you?

Yoga an art of living ...

At the base, Yoga finds its origin in India practiced by men ...

It has expanded to all with a certain enthusiasm of the Westerners.

To live the present moment, to calm the mind, to connect body and spirit ..

This weekly workshop of 1h30 open to all aims to accompany you through your own way.

Proposals adapted by a playful approach, progressive to more intense, will help you to become more autonomous: a work of liberation where the feeling is more important than the final posture ...

Sessions including meditation, pranayamas, asanas, relaxation, philosophical approach and well-being. Everyone, beginners, sportsmen and women, men and women.

OPEN DOOR of the Yoga Workshop Wednesday 14 June 2017

House of associations - 75 rue de l'Atlantique - 79200 LE TALLUD

Free trial course 6:45 pm to 8:15 pm Wednesday June 14th - Welcome at 6:30 pm

Time for discussion and sharing around a drink after the session.

Register online for free on trial - no obligation

Rates - Contact

Annual rate: 210 €

30 sessions of 1h30

1 free trial by reservation:

Wednesday 14 June or 14 September 2017

Courses on Wednesdays from 6.45 pm to 8:15 pm

In school period (excluding holidays)

Home from 6.30 pm at the Maison des associations

75 rue de l'Atlantique in the Tallud.

Contact information and registration:

Tel: 06 25 05 21 01

Proposed by the association

Gym and Fitness Club

Town hall

43 Rue de l'Atlantique