Award Applications are now open!

Deadline to apply is May 3, 2019.

Alabama School Library of the Year Award

The Alabama School Library of the Year Award recognizes an outstanding school library program that provides an innovative and creative learning environment for children or teens. The nominee must be currently employed in or retired within three years from an Alabama K-12 school library program. It is required that the nominee also be a current member of ASLA.


The criteria for selection includes the following:

  • The school library mission statement, goals or objectives related to those of its school or district’s mission and goals
  • Evidence of implementation of AASL's National School Library Standards for Learners, School Librarians, and School Libraries.
  • Outreach initiatives
  • A letter of support from a library patron or colleague.
  • A letter of support from a school administrator.
  • Evidence of collaboration with teachers and administration
  • Examples of innovative learning activities or programs.

Distinguished Service to Librarianship

The Distinguished Service Award recognizes an individual member of the library profession, such as a current or retired school librarian, administrator, professor, or mentor. Over a significant period of time, this individual has made an outstanding contribution to school librarianship and school library development. The nominee must be currently employed in or retired within three years from an Alabama K-12 school library program. It is required that the nominee also be a current member of ASLA.


Individuals nominated should have demonstrated achievements in one or more of the following areas:

  • Service and visionary leadership to the organized profession through AASL, ASLA and related organizations.
  • Publication of a body of scholarly and/or theoretical writing contributing to school library development.
  • Influencing the planning and development of an exemplary school library through legislative efforts, implementation of standards based on the National AASL standards, or the teaching and/or mentoring of future school library professionals.
  • Developing and sustaining a school library or body of practice of such depth and scope as to warrant special recognition.
  • Significant efforts have been made toward mentoring other librarians to strengthen the librarian profession.

Distinguished School Administrator - Nominations are closed for 2019

The Distinguished School Administrator Award honors a school or district administrator who has supported an exemplary school library program and has made outstanding and sustained contributions, which have advanced the role of the school library in the educational program.


  1. To honor those administrators outside the library profession who through individual leadership and sustained effort have made worthy contributions to the operations of effective school library services and to advancing the role of the school library services in the educational program.
  2. To recognize the responsible and influential role of those administrators outside the school library department in developing successful school library programs.
  3. To stimulate planning, implementing and support of the library services which are essential to a meaningful educational program.


Submit two letters of reference by any of the following persons: school, district, or state librarian or supervisor; individuals within professional library organizations or educational associations, school library education instructors & agencies, local school board members. The letter should include these elements:

  • Administrative leadership and continuing efforts in promoting effective school library services and advancing the role of school library services in the educational program.
  • Nominee’s personal philosophy/statement related to the school library program’s role in the educational program.
  • Demonstrated support for library resources and staff as presented in the description of the community (consider moral support as well as financial resources for staff and “things”, including access to information).
  • Evidence of school library program improvements as compared with program when nominee began and today.
  • Statement of current commitments and future plans for school library services and programs.

Ann Marie Pipkin Technology Award- Nominations are closed for 2019

The Ann Marie Pipkin Library Technology Award is granted to a person who has shown outstanding leadership in advancing the practice of educational technology over a substantial period of time.


This award recognizes and honors a school librarian demonstrating vision and leadership through the use of information technology. The recipient should have a proven record of using and promoting the use of technology tools within their school or district, as well as show evidence of the following:

  • utilizes a wide variety of educational technologies in order to better serve students, faculty, administrators and the community
  • provides educational technology professional development and mentoring to other professionals at a local, statewide, or national level.
  • started a specific initiative that integrates technology into their program
  • collaborates with educators to combine technology with curriculum to research or present information.