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CRE Spring 2023: Body as Land, Seed as Birth

The CRE (Connect/Reflect/Enact) program integrates body knowledge and art creation to hold space for deep reflection on wounds both suffered and inflicted through systemic oppression existing in Asian diasporas here in the US and the homeland. This program will create an individual and collective community healing ritual process together, reconnecting and relearning our ancestral land and cultures and learning how to be a good guest on the land that we are living on. Facilitators include Dohee Lee (artistic director, cultural practitioner, performer, ritualist), Corrina Gould (Huichin, Ohlone land Indigenous leader), and Sol Rhee (5 nature elements & food facilitator).

When: 3 Saturdays. March 18, April 8, May 20. 10am-1pm PT each day. Since each workshop runs independently, it is not required to attend them all. Join us for as many days as you're able!

Fee: Free / Donations for "CRE Program" welcome (

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Flyer designed by Jharna Subba. Flyer photo descrition: A group of about 10 Asian diasporic folks, dressed mostly in white, gather in a circle and throw white prayer flags in the air.

Past Events

I Hear a Butterfly 

A film festival that featured young refugee/immigrant filmmakers in Berkeley, California.

칠성 새남굿- Chilseong SaenamGut: Ritual for Sickness 

A ritual performance by Puri Arts, CoRazOn+ARU CRE Cohorts and Ieumsae MU Ritual drummers November 18th-20th, 2022.