About me

About Me ::(Doctor. Ashish Hattangdi Ph.D)

Personal website: www.ashishphd.org

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computer engineer,





Professionaly and excellently ,qualified through rigorous educational processes:

Education institutes that I have attended as a student include

IIT Bombay, IIM-Calcutta, Mumbai university, Maharashtra board

My current research interests are in education and how education can adopt digital interactive technologies like the internet and world wide web to scale up education so that every individual gets the opportunity to pursue education of choice on a lifelong basis.

Why I chose to be a teacher by occupation :

1)Give an individual a Fish (or a fruit if you are a vegetarian like me), and You Feed one for a Day. Teach an individual To Fish(or agriculture, if you are a vegetarian like me), and an individual may feed all for a Lifetime

2)My government pays me to go to an educational institute :); which earlier i had to pay huge fees , taking student loans :)

Please take an appointment to meet me else you maybe dis-appointed:)

While I would love to add value to you and your organisation at reasonable terms and conditions,I have certain time constraints. I request you to take my appointment by e-mailing me at my official email address currently at ashish.hattangdi@admi.mu.ac.in.


Dr.Ashish S.Hattangdi

Current Office address : 1st Floor, Faculty room, Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute of Financial and Management Studies, Joravar Bhavan, Behind Saroj Sadan, Mumbai University Campus, Vidya Nagari, Santacruz (E), Mumbai 400 098, Maharashtra, India.

Personal e-mail : ashishhattangdi@gmail.com