Current Situation

Here's what's currently happening in Armenia/Artsakh. This page will undergo constant updating as the situation unfolds.

In a nutshell: "Stop the War" agreement

  • A "stop the war" trilateral agreement was reached by Armenia, Russia, and Azerbaijan on November 9th, 2020. However, it seems that the war has just begun. Here are some quick facts about it that you should know.

    • Artsakh did not have representatives present for these negotiations. A decision was reached without them, as the agreement was created in secret. There were no concessions, only capitulation (surrender).

    • Artsakh lost much of its terrority, including the strategic location of Shushi and the Kalbajar District (which was the direct buffer between Armenia and Azerbaijan, now gone). In addition to this, Artsakh also lost legitimacy in the eyes of world leaders.

      • See the map below to learn more about the lands now under Azerbaijani occupation. Please note: the wording on this map is inaccurate, as the map does not use the proper Armenian names for Armenian lands.

    • Russia now has a military presence in the Caucasus. Russian peacekeepers patrol Artsakh and Armenia.

    • Azerbaijan is destroying Armenian holy sites, monuments, and history within the lands they occupy now (see the Debunking Propaganda tab for more on this)

References: Lale Pakradounian, BBC

What does this mean?

  • With their new control of the Kalbajar district and Nakhichevan, Azerbaijan now can come through Armenia directly (and with it, Turkey).

  • There is nothing stoppoing Azerbaijan from demanding "claims and damages" from Armenia, even though they've been the occupiers for years.

  • Armenian history is facing erasure; from the destruction of the holy cathedral in Shushi to the rebranding of "Caucasian Albanian monuments," no one is stopping them from destroying what is left of Armenian culture and history.

References: Lale Pakradounian