Art and You

     ART workshops in Nelson, New Zealand 

Wednesday 27 September to SUnday 1 October  2023

Art and You is an opportunity to join a week-long practical art workshop, learning and creating through paint, printmaking and materials under the guidance of an experienced art tutor. Our classes will enable you to enjoy ideas, dabble in new art making techniques, and share your experiences with interesting, like-minded people. 

Art and You will help you discover or recover your creative powers. By exploring your creative self and transforming the way you see the world you will be motivated to create works that are meaningful and fulfilling – while experiencing the joy and encouragement of others in this process.

Art and You is a week focused on heightening your well-being through art making and creating – experiencing the satisfaction, excitement and deep understanding of self that comes from involvement in the Arts. 

Art and You provides the time and space to commit to what matters to you. 

 We are offering an exciting variety of workshops:

 Jo Kinross:  Magical Indigo

 Janet Mazenier:  Coldwax Medium- FULL

 David Ryan:  An Intuitive Approach to Painting - Only a few places left

 Alysn Midgeglow-Marsden: Fabric and Textile Art  'Hot, Wet and Sticky'

Please note - these workshops are for any adult with an artistic inclination - expertise and experience are not a prerequisite.  


Art and You will be based in the art department at Garin College, 35 Champion road, Richmond Nelson 7011, New Zealand

Redwood Centre at Garin College 

Head to the Redwood Centre for registration and the art rooms to the right of the main carpark. Art staff will be there to direct you.

All classes are in the same building with a large open internal area for meeting, refreshments and socialising. 


Classes will run for 5 days from 9.00am – 4.00 pm for Janet and Alysn's classes and 10.00 am - 4.00pm for Jo and David's classes. Note that classes will end at 1.00 pm on Sunday to allow for clean up and catching flights. 

Registration is 9 am Wednesday 27 September.

Classes are strictly limited to a maximum of 10 per tutor for Jo, David and Alysn and 14 for Janet, so it will be important to register early.

Artist Talks

After class on Thursday and Saturday there will be guest artist talks, purchasing and viewings. Come and have a drink, unwind and enjoy the skills and creativity of others.

The tutors' work will be available for sale during the week.


The fee for the 5 day course is $410.00 per person. 

Please fill out the registration form available on this website. Participants must be 18yrs or over.

Places in classes are on a first-come basis. We will update the website once a class is full. You will be advised and have the option to select another course or be waitlisted.

When your registration and payment have been received, you will be sent an email confirming your place on the course and reminding you of the materials required as outlined on each course description.


If a participant cancels before 27th August they will be refunded their fee less an administration fee of $35.00. There will be no refunds for cancellations after this date, except in exceptional circumstances.

Covid 19

We will be subject to and adhere to all Government regulations and recommendations if they still apply at the time of the workshop. 

Health and Safety

While we will take every opportunity to ensure you are safe on site, we will not accept any liability in the unlikely event you have an accident or are unwell.


You will need to organise your own accommodation and recommend that you pencil in your booking as soon as possible. There are a large number of options in Nelson and Richmond area but this is a popular destination and the course is in the school holidays so they will fill up fast.


Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided for breaks but you will need to bring your own lunch. There are 2 cafes, sushi shop and a supermarket 100 metres from the school. There will be reheating facilities available. 

Art Scholarship

This is a no profit organisation. Money left over will go towards a scholarship for a Garin art student and a koha for the school for their generousity in allowing us to use their facitilities.


Take advantage of being in this wonderful city and surrounds and hopefully you can extend your stay over the weekend so you can include the well-known Nelson market on Saturday and the many other attractions around the city. Check out the and