Come to our Spring Gala on May 18th in East Somerville!

Around Hear is a partnership between the Somerville Housing Authority, the Mystic Learning Center, the Mystic Tenant Association, and an evolving group of classical musicians to create a free, perennial chamber music series for listeners of all ages, backgrounds, and dispositions.

The goal of this series is to offer a highly accessible, regular time and space for people from a wide spectrum of life experiences to gather and listen with openness, depth, and creativity—to music, to themselves, and to each other.

Each event begins with a performance by wonderful musicians from near and far, followed by a community supper. Around Hear events are a treat for the eyes as well as the ears and appetites; the music often comes with a meaningful visual art pairing. Also, knowing that not everyone does their best listening sitting still, we welcome and encourage audience members to respond to the music via quiet art-making, writing, and movement.

Come join us!

We (Marji & Dan) adopted the project name "Around Hear" from a concert we participated in in April of 2009, in a park in Houston, Texas. By taking classical musicians out of the concert hall and into a sunny, weedy public space in the middle of a busy commercial area, the director of that Around Hear, the late composer Ethan Frederick Greene, opened up what felt to us like a whole new range of fresh, exciting possibilities for social interaction and musical interpretation.