What is Around Hear? 

Since the spring of 2017, Around Hear has been offering highly accessible, regular time and space for people from a wide spectrum of life experiences to gather, listen, learn, and create with a shared spirit of friendliness, openness, and fun. This time and space comes in the shapes of free community concerts and arts-based social and educational activities for low-income residents of Somerville, Massachusetts. 

Around Hear programs are brought to life through partnerships with the Mystic Learning Center, the Somerville Housing Authority, the Mystic Tenant Association, The Welcome Project, and musicians from Boston and beyond. 

Join Us!

Around Hear community concerts happen at the Mystic Activity Center, based in the Somerville Housing Authority, and are a treat for the eyes, ears, and appetites: at each hour-long program we serve refreshments or a meal, and chamber music is often interwoven with elements of theater, puppetry, or dance. 

Knowing that not everyone does their best listening sitting still, we welcome and encourage audience members to respond to the music via quiet art-making, writing, and movement, and provide materials and space for that expression. 

Check our calendar of events and come visit us!