UNAWE National Coordinator: EU Universe Awareness astronomy education project’s Turkey national coordinator.

- Adapted the project into Turkey as “Evreni Anlayalim” with the support of Turkish Astronomical Society and Turkisch Acedemy of Science (website:

- Designed a workshop for school teachers and implemented it in annual IOK (Best Practices in Education) Conference in Sabanci University in 2016, 2017 and 2018. The same workshop was carried out in 8 different cities in Turkey with the funding from Egitimde Reform Girisimi (ERG) and in Bogazici University summer program for over 100 teachers coming from all over the country.

- Activity and class resources design for science and math teachers

Turkish Astonomical Society Outreach Working Group Member (up to 2020)

- Coordinated outreach activities and social media accounts of the society within a group of 4 people.

- Co-coordinator and lecturer in Galileo Teacher Training Program which trained over 500 teachers in 2009 up to 2013

- Acted as consultant for public museums for astronomy exhbits, star parties and outreach events

Writer of a populer Astronomy & Science Blog for 12 Years (in Turkish): GokGunce (