Arif Bayırlı

Quantitative Trading Analyst

Hartree Partners, Dubai, UAE

I am a data scientist interested in large-scale machine learning models and related data-intensive products. I have been practicing data science since my PhD work at CERN which consisted of building a software upgrade for the ATLAS Detector using state-of-the art deep learning models for particle identification. Currently I am acting as a quantitative trading analyst ("quant" for short) in energy sector, building time series machine learning models, deploying them in the cloud by building the whole pipeline.

As a power quant, I am working on systematic trading strategies based on historical data and simulations for energy products in UK, Ireland and CWE and deploying them in the algo platform.

I am also highly interested in probability/statistics and their applications to computational physics and complex systems related problems. For more details on my research interests, please visit the Research tab.



Dubai, UAE