ARientation Cards

Using the Cards

To use ARientation, you need a set of physical images. These images combine to make a set of playing cards that trigger the display of digital content. This page has all of the images you might need to use ARientation. The images are free to use under a Creative Commons licence. You can download them from this page and print them yourself or you also have the ability to order a professionally printed set of cards in links below.

The artwork is free to use for non-commercial educational purposes. If you wish to use for commercial purposes or create derivative work based on this project and its content, please contact us.

Download and Print Cards


Buy Cards

You can order a set of ARientation AR playing cards using the following links. There are several different packages to order from. Tarot Card is a smaller size and most recommended if you are looking to use them also as playing cards, there is also a jumbo card deck for larger cards and a demo deck that only has the first 16 cards. All of the cards are selling at cost and ARientation is not getting any money from sales. If you want to support this app and the research behind it, you can contact us directly.

Full Deck

(Regular Size)

This is a full deck of 58 'tarot' sized cards. 2.75'' x 4.75'' (70mm x 120mm) - This is the original card set.

Full Deck

(Jumbo Size)

This is a full deck of 56 'Jumbo' sized cards. 3.5'' x 5.75'' (89mm x 146mm) - ARientation playing cards and enhanced with augmented reality. Connect any digital contents to these cards with the ARientation mobile application.

Demo Deck

(16 Cards with Featured Projects)

This is a demonstration set of the ARientation augmented reality enhanced playing cards. It contains the first 16 cards and some demo content to get you started using the ARientation application.

Card Images