Case Uses

Before I Graduate Community Art Project

Augmented Reality Community Art Space is remade into a book. The contents of this book contain the hopes, wishes, goals, and dreams of students to strive for during college life. It of course contains words and musings of students in the form of written words. The describe career aspirations, social hopes, and life long dreams. But with the help of augmented reality, this book also contains these ideas in video and spoken word. Using a smartphone application called ARientation, those videos and other digital media has been connected to the images of playing cards printed in this book.

Library Scavenger Hunt

Students create a gamified narrative to orientate users to a university media center. The ARientation application and game cards were placed and sometimes hidden throughout the building. You were asked to join an investigation leading into some stolen information, getting hints and tackling challenges along the way. By the time you finished, you knew about the facilities in the media center, how to find periodicals, and how to check out media.

Community AR Rally

In 2016 and 2017, 200+ participants joined our augmented community rally. Teams explored the city and completed challenges using the ARientation application.

TEDxKyoto (Event Promotion Use)

TEDxKyoto used ARientation to help promote the event by capturing augmented photos and live-tweeting them.