Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is ARientation?

A: ARientation is an augmented reality platform geared towards learning and engagement. The purpose is to allow less technically inclined students and teachers to create and share AR enhanced content and environments. It is the brainchild of Eric Hawkinson, a learning futurist working on making emerging technology more accessible to the masses for teaching and learning. This project started as a research project exploring case uses in augmented and mixed realities for educational purposes, the project has already spawned several case studies and research papers, most of which are freely available.

Q: Do I have to buy anything?

A: No, ARientation is completely free. All of the cards and images you will need to use ARientation are creative commons licence and free for non-commercial use. You can find them for download on ARientation.com and print them out yourself. You do have the option to purchase a set of professionally printed cards also, the links to buy are also on this website.

Q: Can I submit my own ARientation Project?

A: Absolutely! It is as simple as filling out a Google Form. Find the links to those forms and tutorials on how to use them here.

Q: What can I use ARientation to make?

A: There are so many ways people are using ARientation. So far we have found it to be a powerful tool to connect digital content to places and things. Teachers are using ARientation to add sublementary video and audio to textbooks, students are using ARientation to share dreams and goals in community art spaces, and professionals are using ARientation to create customized tours of museums and art galleries. See a full list of case uses on this website.

Q: How do I share my ARientation project?

A: Much like YouTube videos, you can set your projects to public, unlisted, or private. If you set your project to public, anyone can browse to and load your project in the loading menu in the application. If you set your project to unlisted you can share your project via QR code or password. Private projects can only be opened with login. When you create your project, you will recieve an email with your QR code attached, simply send it to whom you want to share your project with so they can scan it in the app to open your project.

Q: Can I get support for my classroom or event?

A: Yes. We would like to support the use of ARientation as much as we can. Please send us a message and we can talk about how we can help support you in using ARientation.

Q: What are ARientation Cards?

A: ARientation cards are a set of special playing cards that have been optimized for augmented reality. They are linked to the ARientation app and allows you to connect any digital content to them. ARientation allows anyone to connect any digital contents to a set of special playing cards. Those playing cards can be printed out or purchased. Once you have some cards or images of the cards, you can use the ARientation app to see what contents, games, environments, and other projects others have created. You can also use this website to connect your own content to the cards. Once you do, you can then allow others to view your content. With this concept you can have cards play online videos, show websites, offer interactive web content, play audio, show images, or display almost any bit of information from the internet.

Q: What is a project?

A: A project is a collection of digital contents connected to up to 52 ARienation cards. They are loaded inside the app and associate all the videos, websites, 3Dmodels, and audio to the ARientation cards.