Special SXSWedu Event

Augmented Reality Activity at SXSW

The ARientation team will be in Austin, TX from March 2nd to March 8th for SXSWedu. Eric Hawkinson is giving a talk 'The Augmented Learner: Autiomating Human Inquiry' on March 6 (Salon J). The team will also be having a demo area in the playground section of the expo. We are showing how our ARientation app works by inviting the participants of SXSW to meet yourself with augmented reality. We are collecting greeting videos from SXSWedu attendees and conntecting them to our project wall at our booth. Booth #110. (MAP HERE)

It is super easy to participate, just follow these three steps!

1. Take a selfie self-introduction video of yourself (10 seconds or less!)

2. Use this Google Form Link to submit your video

3. Visit us at booth 110 to see your video and others' on the project wall.

See you soon!

What is ARientation?


ARientation is an augmented reality platform geared towards learning and engagement. The purpose is to allow less technically inclined students and teachers to create and share AR enhanced content and environments. It is the brainchild of Eric Hawkinson, a learning futurist working on making emerging technology more accessible to the masses for teaching and learning. This project started as a research project exploring case uses in augmented and mixed realities for educational purposes, the project has already spawned several case studies and research papers, most of which are freely available.

How Does it Work?

ARientation allows anyone to connect any digital contents to a set of special playing cards. Those playing cards can be printed out or purchased. Once you have some cards or images of the cards, you can use the ARientation app to see what contents, games, environments, and other projects others have created. You can also use this website to connect your own content to the cards. Once you do, you can then allow others to view your content. With this concept you can have cards play online videos, show websites, offer interactive web content, play audio, show images, or display almost any bit of information from the internet.

How do I get it?

Simply install the application from the Google Play Store onto your Android device.