50+ conferences & workshops

International speaking engagements & expert radio contributor

Professional voice-over artist (The Inimitables)


Forthcoming (reviewed & accepted) E. Michalopoulou, A. Walsh, A. Tierney, H. Tweddell, C. Preist, C. Willmore 2018 ‘Sustainability in higher education: Beyond the green mirror’, in "Universities as Living Labs for Sustainable Development: Supporting the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals” World Sustainability Series Link.

M. Bigg, I. Brooks, W. Clayton, J. Darwen, G. Gough, F. Hyland, J. Longhurst, A. Tierney, H. Tweddell, A. Walsh and C. Willmore 2018 Bridging the gap: a case study of a partnership approach to skills development through student engagement in Bristol’s Green Capital year. Higher Education Pedagogies 3:1. Link.

C. Willmore, W. Clayton, H. Tweddell, A. Walsh, A. Tierney, J. Longhurst & G. Gough 2016 'Student Capital: The role of students in city transformation' Sustainability in higher education - Challenges and Opportunities: Conference proceedings. Canterbury: Christ Church Canterbury University, p. 111-113

W. Clayton, J. Longhurst, C. Willmore, M. Bigg, I. Brooks, E. Dare-Edwards, J. Darwen, R. di Corpo, G. Gough, G. Heywood, S. Hills, L.-K. Howells, F. Hyland, J. Idle, H. Khan, K. Miller, D. Owen, J. Sharratt, H. Talbot, A. Tierney, H. Tweddell & A. Walsh 2016 'The Bristol Method: Green Capital Student Capital - The power of student sustainability engagement' Bristol Method, HEFCE-funded project. Link.

A. Tierney, H. Tweddell & C. Willmore 2015 'Measuring Education for Sustainable Development: University of Bristol' International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, Vol. 16 Issue: 4, pp.507-522, doi: 10.1108/IJSHE-07-2013-0083.

A. Tierney 2006, 'International Organisations and Legislation Affecting the Underwater Cultural Heritage'. in K. Cleary & G. McCarthy (eds), Proceedings of the association of young Irish archaeologists. The Association of Young Irish Archaeologists, pp. 76-88, the association of young Irish archaeologists, Cork, Ireland, 3-5 February. Link.

Other reports on research & teaching practice

2017 Independent HEFCE-funded report praises my public engagement practice at Berkeley Castle: Wilson, P, Woolger, A and Dodd, M 2017 'Students: Experience, Engagement and Communities' Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE). Link.

2015 Interview with Catherin Lee, editor of Nonesuch magazine "Giving all students the chance to learn about sustainability is one of the University’s key sustainable pledges..." (pg. 10) Link

2013 Invited participant and representative HE speaker at the House of Commons for discussions on Education for Sustainable Development: "Enabling the Future We Want: Education for Sustainable Development in the UK" (witness account, pg. 7) with EAUC. Link.

Grey Literature

2016 Report: Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) at the University of Bristol 2015-2016 Link

2016 The Green Apple Scheme: A summary report of curriculum innovation projects for Education for Sustainable Development Link

2015 Embedding Sustainability Thinking into Fieldwork: placing student learning at the heart of community engagement Link

2015 The Town Museum Project (Berkeley Excavations) Link

2014 Community Engagement Project Report (Berkeley Excavations) Link


Fellow, Higher Education Academy.

One of three academics that created the Sustainable Futures MOOC (massive open online course), hosted on the FutureLearn platform (launched Feb 2018).

Specialty lectures include: Japanese Tea Ceremony & Material Culture; the Hell-Fire Clubs of the eighteenth century; public engagement, ethics and professionalism in archaeology.

Units/Teaching. Seminars, workshops, reading group and assessment corrections on :

  • Comparative World Archaeology
  • Introduction to Archaeology
  • Contemporary Theory in Archaeology
  • Introduction to Social Anthropology
  • Maritime Archaeology & Cultures (masters level)
  • Post-Excavation Techniques
  • Working in Cultural Heritage
  • Sustainable Futures, Education for Sustainable Development at the University of Bristol