Water Quality and Water Treatment in Zoos and Aquariums


The Standards of Practice on this page have been contributed by members of the Aquality Discussion Group. If you would like to contribute to this collection of SOPs please contact the discussion group moderator.


New England Aquarium

1. Ammonia Spot Plate Screening

2. Ammonia Spot Plate Screening [Using Hach Salicylate Reagents]

3. Nitrite Screening Test

Aquarium of the Pacific

1. Alkalinity

2. Ammonia ISE

3. Anions by Ion Chromatography

4. Cations by Ion Chromatography

5. Chlorine

6. Chloroquine

7. Copper

8. Enterococcus

9. Microbiological Waste Treatment

10. Nitrofurazone

11. pH

12. Salinity

13. Total Coliforms and E. coli

14. Turbidity

15. UV 254


The Standards of Practice (SOPs) on this page are intended for use by experienced laboratory personnel. Some contributions lend themselves to scientific rigor, where material presented is supported by peer-reviewed literature. Other contributions are based, out of necessity, on the collective experience of professionals, because relevant scientific literature is scant or non-existent. The contributors and site managers cannot be, and are not, legally, financially or in any other way, responsible for the application of techniques described. When undertaking any procedures or techniques outlined in an SOP, it is up to individual workers to assess the unique circumstances of their situation, apply common sense, and subsequently apply any procedures or techniques at their own risk.