Water Quality and Water Treatment in Zoos and Aquariums

What is Aquality?

It is the mission of the Aquality initiative to advance and support water quality and water treatment practices in zoos and public aquaria with a view to optimising the environmental conditions of the plants and animals within their care.

The mission of Aquality is realised through three mechanisms:

1. Symposia

Periodic meetings to discuss the development, design, installation, operation and monitoring of aquatic life support systems in zoos and public aquaria.

2. Manual

A single-reference handbook on water treatment and water quality monitoring in zoos and public aquariums. You can learn more about the manual here >>

3. Discussion

An open discussion forum dedicated to water quality and treatment of aquatic systems in zoos and public aquaria. If you would like to join the discussion forum you can email the moderator at

About Us

Aquality is a voluntary initiative coordinated and supported by scientists, biologists, engineers and other practitioners concerned about the conservation and ethical care of aquatic organisms in human care.

If you would like to learn more about the Aquality initiative contact Andy Aiken at

Editors / Coordinators

Andy Aiken

National Aquarium, Baltimore

Mark Smith

Adelaide Zoo


Dennis Thoney

Vancouver Aquarium

Christina Camillo


Nina Fischer

New England Aquarium

Karen Tuttle-Sterns

Monterey Bay Aquarium


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The following Sponsors supported the 2nd Aquality Symposium. Rhodium Sponsors ($5,000 +): National Aquarium, Association of Zoos and Aquariums, New England Aquarium, Oceanis International, Vancouver Aquarium, Aquatic Exhibits International, Pentair Aquatic Ecosystems, Ripley's Aquariums, Oceanario de Lisboa. Platinum sponsors ($3,000+): Clax Italia, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Advanced Aquarium Technologies, Mark G. Anderson Consultants Inc., Whiting-Turner, Aqualogic, Neptune Benson, Marine Aquarium Technology, Aquarium Systems, International Concept Management, Titan Aquatic Exhibits, Aquatic Solutions Ltd., BlooLoop, Aquatic Environment Systems, Waterco, Lo-Chlor Chemicals, Sea Life, Dr. Tim's Aquatics, Poltan, Glenn Underwater Services, California Academy of Sciences, International Ozone Services. Gold Sponsors ($2,150 +): Arcadia, Hayward, RK2 Systems, Cloward H2O, YSI, Aquaculture Systems Technologies Ltd., Arbo, Harrington, Ozone Water Systems, ELSS, Del Ozone, Delta Hydronics, PR Aqua, Kordon, Ozonia, Satchell Engineering, Integrated Aqua Systems Inc., Ecoxotic, ASI American Sealants, Dryden Aqua, Quality Marine, Nature's Ocean, Schuran Seawater Equipment, Teco, International Aquarium Design, Sivat Services. Silver Sponsors ($1,625 +): TJP Engineering, Asahi America, Asiocean, The Aquarium Vet, Tropical Marine Centre, PCA, RCK Controls, Met Pro Global Pump Solutions, My Reef Creations. Bronze Sponsors ($1,000 +): Reef Gen, Ryan Herco Flow Solutions, Spears.