Appledore Pirates

47 Years of shiver me timbers'

NEXT EVENT: Appledore Carnival, Sunday 19th August 4pm

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Established: 1971

Welcome to our new website, here you can find almost anything and everything that Appledore and the local surroundings has to offer

We are a non-for-profit organisation with a crew of local volunteers dedicated to the continuous support of our local community; by staging fundraising events and village activities. We raise our funds for local causes and charities of Appledore.

-Credit: Cris Masefield, Backfield fete 2017


Appledore Carnival and after party

Crabbing competion

Bonfire night

Christmas BINGO

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For over forty years we have helped causes and charities close to our heart, such as: The senior citizens christmas dinner, the church hall, Appledore community hall, Appledore football club

Our Pirate Events Calendar is filled with a variety of activities and events including: Weekly Bingo, Carnival, Carnival Party, Crabbing competition , Fireworks Display, Torchlight Procession and much more.

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Come along and join us, have some fun and make a difference.

This is our bright bunch in today's weary world of grey...

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