Who's behind the program?

APM Montreal is organized by a group of product people who are passionate about building Montreal's tech  community. 

Edouard Chehade
Product Executive, ascendai.xyz

Laura Di costano 

Product Advisor 

"When I transitioned in product management, I had no idea what I was supposed to do. This is when I discovered Product Tank meetups in Montreal and a whole product community. After a few years, I decided to give back what the community gave to me, and got involved in Product Tank organization. With APM Montreal, I'm thrilled to contribute even more to strengthening Montreal product community."

Christine Dupuis
Product Executive & Advisor

"As a woman in a male dominated industry, I am extremely passionate about equalizing the field out there. And as a life-long learner, I find learning and teaching to be such rewarding experiences. APM gives me the opportunity to combine my passion for Product Management with my personal values, it’s been so energizing to make this project come to life with like-minded individuals."

Isaac Souweine
Partner - Pender Ventures

"I got involved with APM Montreal because I believe product management is a massively impactful career path and I loved the idea of making it more accessible and diverse. I also loved the idea of building community around self improvement and mentorship. The world is better when people come together to learn, exchange and support each other's growth. APM MTL is about extending that energy into the community in  a concrete way.

Developing the product community

APM Canda
APM Canada creates community and learning experiences that increase talent quality and capacity while improving access to tech & Product Management for under-represented and marginalised groups. Click here to learn more about the organisation and its activities.

APM Canada supports and partners with APM MTL in a number of ways, including guidance and support on curriculum, access to software and access to network and community. The relationship goes both ways, with two members of the APM MTL team sitting on the APM Canada board where they work to help spread the APM model and community across Canada.

APM MTL is a proud sponsor of Product Tank meetups in Montreal. We believe deeply in the power of community and love bringing people together. For more on that great event, check out their meetup page.  

ProductTank provides an opportunity for Product Managers in Montréal to exchange ideas and experiences about Product Design, Development and Management, Business Modelling, Metrics, User Experience and all the other things that get us excited.

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