I have worked as a teaching assistant on graduate courses in mathematical economics, microeconomics, and undergraduate courses in econometrics, development economics and intermediate microeconomics at University of California, Davis and the University of Arizona. My teaching interests include the listed topics and courses in agricultural policies and applied econometrics.

I received the UC Davis Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award for 2017-18.

Teaching Assistantships at UC Davis

Economic Development (Undergraduate), Winter, 2018 (Student Evaluation); Fall, 2017. (Student Evaluation)

Intermediate Microeconomics (Undergraduate), Summer, 2017. (Student Evaluation)

Econometric Theory and Applications (Undergraduate), Spring, 2017. (Student Evaluation)

Microeconomic Analysis II (Graduate), Winter, 2017. (Student Evaluation)

Teaching Assistantships at U Arizona

Intermediate Production and Consumption Analysis (Undergraduate), Spring, 2012 & 2013.

Economic Statistics (Undergraduate), Fall, 2012 & 2011.

Mathematics for Economists (Graduate), Summer, 2012.