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"Anthony Juliano is a valued partner to MedPro Group, providing training on a variety of topics, including leadership development, communication, and productivity. He consistently receives excellent scores from those who attend his trainings. Said another way: we have high standards, and Anthony consistently exceeds them!"

Andrew Booth, MedPro Group, Fort Wayne, Indiana

"Anthony Juliano ran a social media training webinar for a group of my speakers and colleagues. He was responsive, professional, attentive to detail, and very pleasant to work with. Not only did Anthony tailor his presentation to meet our needs, he also reached out to participants ahead of time to ask them specifically what they hoped to gain from his training, thereby developing a rapport with them ahead of our scheduled meeting time."

Sarah Devlin, American Boat and Yacht Council, Portland, Maine

"Anthony performed an audit of our extensive digital presence and social media. I was impressed by the care and time he put into the front end, understanding our objectives and the current state of our work...Anthony was willing to work flexibly, and we quickly came to a mutual agreement on a tailored consulting project. The call on the back end was as good as I thought it would be, and gave us a chance to dive deeper into aspects of the written report that required more attention. I heartily recommend."

Mark Liebman, Leibman Financial Services, Omaha, Nebraska

"At the risk of sounding silly or unprofessional, working with Anthony was a bit of a dream come true for us. His reputation for excellence certainly preceded him but more importantly we knew he would customize his approach to meet our unique needs and he did just that. He took the time to listen to our desires for our business, ask the tough questions, and point out where we could do better while cheering on the things we were doing well. Working with Anthony wasn’t a matter of hiring a marketing vendor but rather building a partnership that allowed us to identify our goals and work smarter to get there. We’re so excited about where we’re headed and the opportunities to continue working together."

Michelle Merritt and Jason Mutzfeld, Circle City Coaching, Indianapolis, Indiana

"It was a pleasure to work with Anthony as he delivered a multi-session, interactive training for our sales team. Through careful customization and interactive webinars, Anthony effectively helped our team maximize their social media "brand" and learn the essential elements to using LinkedIn as an effective resource. In addition to being flexible, creative and extremely reliable, Anthony also exhibited a strong knowledge of the content. His follow-through was impeccable and his intent to ensure that everyone received value out of the sessions was obvious."

Meghan Shah, Franklin Covey, Chicago, Illinois

"I attended a 6-hour workshop where Anthony spoke about interactive, interpersonal communications, as it relates to the workplace. We spent about half the class on social media, and all of it was riveting. Although the majority of the time spent was lecture-format, it was the best lecture I had since my favorite class in college. Anthony is super-knowledgeable, takes a pragmatic but enthusiastic stance toward social media, and engaged the entire class. Even the biggest intrapersonal communication naysayer liked him. If you are thinking about hiring Anthony to speak, please do. He is one of few people who uses PowerPoint "correctly", making it emphasize his points rather than duplicate his speaking on screen. His passion for his craft (marketing, social media, strategic communication, interpersonal professional communication) is unrivaled, and his knowledge is wide and varied."

Andy Welfle, Adobe, San Francisco, California

"I just recently took one of his LinkedIn courses. I wish I had taken it years ago. I found the content helpful, thought-provoking, and relevant to what I do every day. In addition to strong content, and an engaging speaking style, he took the time to understand his audience in advance of the course and wove our questions and needs into the course. I definitely felt I got out of it what I hoped (and more). I highly recommend the course for service industry professionals! Educational and extremely fun- he's a blast to learn from."

Emily Bermes, Emily Bermes & Associates, Fort Wayne, Indiana