Allison N. Miller

About me:

I am an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics & Statistics at Swarthmore College. In Fall 2022 I'll be teaching Linear Algebra (Math 27) and Combinatorics (Math 69); in 2021-2022 I taught Linear Algebra and Mathematics and Social Justice. For more about my past and present teaching , go here.

I do research in low-dimensional topology, exploring what knots and surfaces can tell us about the strange world of 4-dimensional topology. You can see me talk about my work here (5 minutes, for a general audience, as part of the College of Natural Science's 'Science in a Flash' event at Rice) or here (30 minutes, for an audience of topologists, as part of the Trends in Low-Dimensional Topology series). You can find out more about my research here.

I also maintain a list of resources on ethics in mathematics, created as I developed a course on that topic for Spring 2021. A description of that course, A Mini-seminar: Teaching Ethics in Mathematics in an Hour a Week, recently appeared in Journal of Humanistic Mathematics as part of their special issue on ethics in math.

My CV, up to date as of July 2022, is available here.


  • I grew up outside of Washington, DC in Arlington, VA, where for seven years I attended H-B Woodlawn, an alternative public school program, graduating in 2008.

  • I then attended Pomona College in Claremont, CA for four years, except for a semester spent at the Budapest Semester in Mathematics program in Budapest, Hungary. I graduated in May 2012 after doing a senior thesis with Erica Flapan.

  • I received my PhD in May 2018 from the University of Texas at Austin, where my advisor was Cameron Gordon. During my PhD, I spent four months at the Hausdorff Institute in Bonn, Germany participating in the Knot Concordance and 4-Manifolds group of the Junior Trimester in Topology in fall 2016.

  • I then spent 3 years as a postdoc/ G.C. Evans Instructor at Rice University in Houston, Texas.

You can find my papers on the arXiv and find me in my office, Science Center 146. My email is and my address is Swarthmore College/ Department of Mathematics and Statistics/ 500 College Avenue/ Swarthmore, PA 19081/ USA.

Disambiguation/ Disclaimer: I am not Allison Moore, also once a student of Cameron Gordon at UT Austin, also once a postdoc at Rice in HBH 456, but now an Assistant Professor at VCU. Nor am I Alison Miller, a mathematician and associate editor at Mathematical Reviews. I can be distinguished from the many other Allison Millers in the world (who the reader can go out and discover for themselves) by my middle name- so far as I know I am the only Allison Northey Miller.