News and Events

Open for Business

August 2017 marked the beginning of the Andres lab at McMaster University. Here are a few photos of the initial entropy and the eventual order that ensued after setting up the lab. Time to experiment!

The first gel run in the lab was a success! We are off to the races!

New faces and a new semester

The start of the 2018 winter term brought us two new lab members - Cody Caba, the first graduate student for the lab, and Veronica Tran, a new undergraduate volunteer. An excellent excuse for a lab lunch outing to the Phoenix!

The first lab alumni

The end of the 2017-2018 academic year brought the end of Krish and Eugenia's time in the Andres Lab. We wish them both the best in their future endeavours!


The x-ray system is back online! After being on hiatus for some TLC, it was time to start screening all those crystals that have been patiently waiting to be bombarded with x-rays. First up in the beam was lysozyme, to make sure everything was running smoothly - and it was! If only every crystal diffracted as well as lysozyme!

Welcome to Pardis! Pardis is our first summer student, and also a recipient of a 2018 IIDR Summer Student Fellowship - congratulations!