News and Events

Open for Business

August 2017 marked the beginning of the Andres lab at McMaster University. Here are a few photos of the initial entropy and the eventual order that ensued after setting up the lab. Time to experiment!

The first gel run in the lab was a success! We are off to the races!

New faces and a new semester

The start of the 2018 winter term brought us two new lab members - Cody Caba, the first graduate student for the lab, and Veronica Tran, a new undergraduate volunteer. An excellent excuse for a lab lunch outing to the Phoenix!

The first lab alumni

The end of the 2017-2018 academic year brought the end of Krish and Eugenia's time in the Andres Lab. We wish them both the best in their future endeavours!


The x-ray system is back online! After being on hiatus for some TLC, it was time to start screening all those crystals that have been patiently waiting to be bombarded with x-rays. First up in the beam was lysozyme, to make sure everything was running smoothly - and it was! If only every crystal diffracted as well as lysozyme!

Welcome to Pardis! Pardis is our first summer student, and also a recipient of a 2018 IIDR Summer Student Fellowship - congratulations!

HALLOWEEN 2018: We joined forces with the Li lab to recreate the iconic "Magic School Bus" with the bus reflecting the awesome science we do! Cody as "Arnold", Lucas as "Ralphie", and Dr. Andres as "Liz". Also, what would Halloween be without a few Halloween treats! I'm saving the bumper with the "Andres Lab" and the bus door that has a diffraction pattern as decorations for our new lab space!