André F. Silva

I am a PhD Candidate in Finance at Cass Business School and a Visiting Economist at the International Monetary Fund. My main research interests are financial intermediation, access to finance and empirical corporate finance.

In the Fall of 2018, I will join the Federal Reserve Board - Division of Research and Statistics, Short-Term Funding Markets Section.


  • Jan 2018: My paper "Sharing the Pain? Credit Supply and the Real Effects of Bank Bail-ins" (joint with Thorsten Beck and Samuel Da-Rocha-Lopes) was invited to be submitted to the Review of Financial Studies under the dual submission system of the 2018 Conference on "New Frontiers in Banking Research: from Corporate Governance to Risk Management"
  • Sep 2017: My job market paper "Strategic Liquidity Mismatch and Financial Sector Stability" is now R&R (2nd round) at the Review of Financial Studies | | Google Scholar | SSRN | LinkedIn | Cass | VoxEU | RePEc