Hi there! I am a third year math graduate student (PhD candidate) at University of Minnesota working with Vic Reiner

Generally, I am interested in combinatorial commutative algebra and algebraic combinatorics. I enjoy working with matroids and their Chow rings, as well as dealing with questions of equivariance. 

Previously, I got a master's degree at San Francisco State University, with the guidance of Dusty Ross

I use she/her pronouns

My CV 

My email is natha 129 (at) umn (dot) edu

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I firmly believe in and try my best to uphold the following axioms, laid out by Federico Ardila:

I am passionate about making mathematics a more welcoming space for students historically underrepresented in academia.

I pronounce my name as a-nuh-STAY-zhah (ænəˈsteɪʒə phonetically) although this changes if I'm not speaking English.