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About the Anston Male Voice Choir

The Choir at their 2017 Annual Concert at The Crossing Church & Centre, Worksop.

Anston Male Voice Choir

The village of Anston in South Yorkshire has two distinct areas, North Anston and South Anston, which are separated by the major road connecting Worksop and Sheffield.

Anston's little-known claim to fame is that stone from its quarry was used when the Houses of Parliament in London were rebuilt in the 1840s after a fire in 1834. It is also widely believed that John Wesley (a founder of the Methodist movement) preached in South Anston, in what has now become known as 'Paradise Square'.

Anston Male Voice Choir was originally formed in 1971. Click this link to see inaugural meeting. The show must go on see this link.

With a current membership of 35 the choir aims to perform a varied repertoire and it has been a pleasure to raise many thousands of pounds for charity, particularly for local organizations. A major beneficiary in recent years has been Bluebell Wood, a children’s hospice which is financed totally from fundraising activities and is now able to provide care for children with the most serious medical needs.

Howard Thomas our musical director has led the choir since 1989 and as a Welshman was brought up in a musical tradition of choral singing.

Cynthia Herrington has acted as accompanist to the choir for more than 30 years and her outstanding talent has allowed the choir to perform a varied programme including religious, operatic, traditional and popular music.