Advanced Metallic Materials & Characterisation Lab

About AMMC Lab

AMMC lab is a research group in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Incheon National University found by Professor Tea-Sung (Terry) Jun in 2016.

We focus on the investigation of materials processing and mechanical behaviour of advanced metallic materials for high value industrial applications (e.g. aerospace, defence, ship building, automotive and bioengineering).

We are interested in the fundamental question of how deformation of metallic alloys occurs on the level of individual microstructural constituents and the more practical questions of how the deformation mechanisms can be applied to enhance the structural integrity of large-scale engineering components.

Upcoming Events

'22.09.23~24 I-COST 2022

'22.10.04~07 IWJC2022

'22.10.26~28 ICOMAS2022


We are currently looking for highly motivated graduate students (MS, PhD, Combined MS/PhD) to join our research group. Students with strong background on one of the following areas (mechanical engineering, materials engineering or materials science ) are encouraged to apply. Please send a full CV via email to Prof. Jun (

학부연구생, 석사과정 및 박사과정 학생을 모집합니다. 연구실에 관심이 있는 학생은로 문의 바랍니다.

Recent Papers & Pre-Prints

  • Seung-Chang Han, Umer Masood Chaudry, Jin-Young Yoon, Tea-Sung Jun*. Investigating local strain rate sensitivity of the individual weld zone in the friction stir welded DP 780 steel. Journal of Materials Research and Technology 20 (2022) p.508-515. Link

  • Umer Masood Chaudry, Yeonju Noh, Gukin Han, Russlan Jaafreh, Tea-Sung Jun*, Kotiba Hamad*. Effect of CaO on structure and properties of AZ61 magnesium alloy. Materials Science and Engineering A 844 (2022) 143189 . Link

  • Min-Su Lee, Takuro Kawasaki, Takayuki Yamashita, Stefanus Harjo, Yong-Taek Hyun, Youngung Jeong, Tea-Sung Jun*. In-situ neutron diffraction study of lattice deformation behaviour of commercially pure titanium at cryogenic temperature. Scientific Reports 12 (2022) 3719 . Link

  • Gukin Han, Jeong-Rim Lee, Yeonju Noh, Tea-Sung Jun*. The role of cryogenic quenching on the mechanical properties of FSWed 6061-T6 aluminium alloy. Materials Science and Engineering A 840 (2022) 142896. Link

  • Umer Masood Chaudry, Ameeq Farooq, Kaab bin Tayyab, Abdul Malik, Muhammad Kamran, Jung-Gu Kim*, Chuan Li, Kotiba Hamad*, Tea-Sung Jun*. Corrosion behaviour of AZ31 magnesium with calcium addition. Corrosion Science 199 (2022) 110205. Link

  • Umer Masood Chaudry, Russlan Jaafreh, Abdul Malik, Tea-Sung Jun*, Kotiba Hamad*, Tamer Abuhmed*. A comparative study of strain rate constitutive and machine learning models for flow behavior of AZ31-0.5Ca Mg alloy during hot deformation. Mathematics 10 (2022) 766. Link

  • Tea-Sung Jun*, Ayan Bhowmik, Xavier Maeder, Giorgio Sernicola, Tommaso Giovannini, Igor Dolbnya, Johann Michler, Finn Giuliani, Ben Britton. In-situ diffraction based observations of slip near phase boundaries in titanium through micropillar compression. Materials Characterizations 184 (2022) 111695. Link

  • Jeong-Rim Lee, Min-Su Lee, Simo Yeon, Jiyong Park, Tea-Sung Jun*. Influence of heat treatment and loading direction on compressive deformation behaviour of Ti-6Al-4V ELI fabricated by powder bed fusion additive manufacturing. Materials Science and Engineering A 831 (2022) 142258. Link

  • Gukin Han, Yeonju Noh, Umer Masood Chaudry, Sung Hyuk Park, Kotiba Hamad, Tea-Sung Jun*. {10-12} extension twinning activity and compression behavior of pure Mg and Mg-0.5Ca alloy at cryogenic temperature. Materials Science and Engineering A 831 (2022) 142189. Link

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Incheon National University

119 Academy-ro, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon 22012, South Korea