Advanced Metallic Materials & Characterisation Lab

About AMMC Lab

AMMC lab is a research group in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Incheon National University found by Professor Tea-Sung (Terry) Jun in 2016.

We focus on the investigation of materials processing and mechanical behaviour of advanced metallic materials for high value industrial applications (e.g. aerospace, defence, ship building, automotive and bioengineering).

We are interested in the fundamental question of how deformation of metallic alloys occurs on the level of individual microstructural constituents and the more practical questions of how the deformation mechanisms can be applied to enhance the structural integrity of large-scale engineering components.


We are currently looking for highly motivated graduate students (MS, PhD) to join our research group. Students with strong background on one of the following areas (mechanical engineering, materials engineering or materials science ) are encouraged to apply. Please send a full CV via email to Prof. Jun (

학부연구생, 석사과정 및 박사과정 학생을 모집합니다. 연구실에 관심이 있는 학생은로 문의 바랍니다.

Recent Papers & Pre-Prints

  • Tuyet Anh Pham, Le Vu Nam, Eunho Choi, Min-Su Lee, Tea-Sung Jun, Segeun Jang*, Sang Moon Kim*. Mechanically-stable Thinned-membrane for High performance Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell via Plasma Etching and Annealing Process. Energy & Fuels 35(14) (2021) p.11525-11532. Link

  • Umer Masood Chaudry, Seung-Chang Han, Fathia Alkelae, Tea-Sung Jun*. Effect of PWHT on the microstructure and mechanical performance of FSW DP780 steel. Metals 11(7) (2021) 1097. Link

  • Gyu Hyeon Shim, Boyeon Kweon, Min Su Lee, Ji Hoon Kim, Tea-Sung Jun, Taewan Kim, Dong-Wook Jerng, Omid Mahian, Somchai Wongwises, Ho Seon Ahn. Highly improved mechanical and thermal properties of alkali silicate and graphene nanoplatelet composite adhesive. International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives 110 (2021) 102942. Link

  • Seung-Chang Han, Hyeong-Mo Park, Sang-Ho Uhm, Du-Youl Choi, Hong-Chul Jeong, Yeong-Jin Kim, Tea-Sung Jun. Evaluation of liquid metal embrittlement crack in resistance spot welds under intensive welding condition using industrial X-ray computed tomography and machine learning. Welding in the World. in press. Link

  • Gukin Han, Kyu-hong Lee, Jin-young Yoon, Tae-Wook Na, Kanghwan Ahn, Mun-Jin Kang, Tea-Sung Jun. Effect of post-weld heat treatment on mechanical properties of local weld-affected zones in friction stir welded AZ31 plates. Materials Science and Engineering A 805 (2021) 140809. Link

  • Min-Su Lee, Min-Ki Ji, Yong-Taek Hyun, Eun-Young Kim, Tea-Sung Jun. Effect of texture and temperature gradient on anisotropic plastic deformation of commercially pure titanium at room and low temperature. Materials Characterization 172 (2021) 110834. Link

  • Sang Won Lee, Gukin Han, Tea-Sung Jun, Sung Hyuk Park. Effects of initial texture on deformation behaviour during cold rolling and static recrystallization during subsequent annealing of AZ31 alloy. Journal of Materials Science and Technology 66(10) (2021) p.139-149. Link

  • Min-Ki Ji, Tea-Sung Jun. Review on the wear behavior of the hot stamping process with respect to friction testing methods. Tribology and Lubricants 36(6) (2020) p.350-358. Link

  • Min Ki Ji, Hyunsung Son, Jinkeun Oh, Seongwoo Kim, Kyungmok Kim, Tea-Sung Jun. Effects of Al-Si coating thickness on 22MnB5 in hot stamping wear. Korean Journal of Metals and Materials 58(8) (2020) p.573-582. Link

  • Jeong-Rim Lee, Min-Su Lee, Hobyung Chae, Soo Yeol Lee, Taewook Na, Woo-Sung Kim, Tea-Sung Jun. Effects of building direction and heat treatment on the local mechanical properties of direct metal laser sintered 15-5PH stainless steel. Materials Characterization 167 (2020) 110468. Link

  • Gukin Han, Hyung-Ki Park, Hyo Kyu Kim, Tea-Sung Jun. Yittrium segregation induced grain growth inhibition during recrystallisation in binary titanium alloys. Materials Science and Engineering A 779 (2020) 139137. Link

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Incheon National University

119 Academy-ro, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon 22012, South Korea