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AP Biology before exam booster class (Coach Derek from MIT)  Online

2022~2023 National/International Science Competitions

2022~2023 National/International Computer Science Competitions 

2022~2023 National/International Math Competitions 

2023 Spring Noetic National Math Contest (K~8) (Apr 15, 2023, Sat, 7 ~8 pm, Open)

2023 Math League International Math Contest (For Grade 4~9th & Algebra 1)

2023 Alpha STEM Summer Camp 

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Alpha STEM Summer Courses 

AP Exam Booster Classes (both in person & online) 

AP Biology Before-Test Review & Exam Preparation

USABO (USA Biology Olympiad) Summer Training camp

Preparing for the AP Biology exam requires a deep understanding of many different topics in biology as well as an understanding of the format of the AP exam and the types of questions it asks. This rigorous before-test final review course designed to help you fill the gaps and cover all material relevant to the AP Biology exam and boost your score! 

About Coach Derek (MIT)

Spring Courses 

Phoenix Art Studio 

"Korean Kpop" & "International Latin Dance" 

"2023 New Year Phoenix Cup" Chess Championship

For Jr Beginners (K-1, 4~6 years old, new beginners) Section, Beginners Section (U500), Intermediate Section (U1000) & Champion Section (U2000)

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Your class, your way! ~~Book & design you own classes (Alpha STEM K12 future classes)

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For gifted and profoundly gifted youth, who are seeking mentors, peers, and radical acceleration on STEM, art, language immersion &  chess. 


Da Vinci Art Studio

 Alpha STEM Robotics & Coding Club

Alpha STEM Math Club

Phoenix Chess Club


Phoenix Chess Club proudly sent their chess kids to Team USA, will represent USA National Team for World Youth Chess Championship held in Europe!