2022 Alpha STEM Summer Camp (Aug 1~19, 2022)

  • TJ Essay Writing prep camp (Aug 1~5, 9 am~12 pm, morning essay)

  • Java (Math, Coding & Magic with hands-on labs), Aug 8~12, 2022, 8:30 am~12:30 pm, for 8~12th graders

  • 2nd/3rd grade CogAT/FxAT camp, Aug 1~19, 2022 (9 am~4 pm)

  • 1st grade NNAT camp (Aug 1~19, 2022, 9am~4pm)

  • AMC 10/12 Intensive Training Camp: AIME Readiness (Aug 1~19, 2022, 9 am~12 pm)

  • AMC 8/MathCounts Intensive Training Camp (Aug 1~19, 2022, 9 am~12 pm)

  • Chess camp (Aug 1~19, 2022)

Camp Registration: http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=scsoepvab&oeidk=a07ejbcbiche22cac79

Alpha STEM Summer Courses (Jun 13~Aug 19, 2022)


Camp information: http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=scsoepvab&oeidk=a07ej1yy0w16fb12e29

Easy Registration: https://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/eventReg?oeidk=a07ej1yy0w16fb12e29&oseq=&c=&ch=

"Phoenix Cup" August Chess Championship

For Jr Beginners (K-1, new beginners) Section, Beginners Section (U500), Intermediate Section (U1000) & Champion Section (U2000)


  • General STEM camp for K-6 (Math, Coding, Chess, Science, Robotics, etc)

  • Chinese language immersion STREAM camp PreK~12

  • Special design Chinese Immersion Art & STEM camp for rising Kindergarteners from Jun 1, 2 wks before summer!

  • 1st grade NNAT & 2nd grade CogAT training camp

  • Chess camp for all ages. (Phoenix Chess Club)

  • Competition Math Camp for 2nd-6th graders

  • MathCounts/AMC 8 training for 5~8th graders

  • AMC 10/12/AIME camp for 8~12th graders.

  • Coding: (Java Labs, Python, Scratch, Mobile APP Design, etc)

  • Science camps (Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Earth Science, etc)

  • AP courses (AP Computer Science, AP Chinese, AP Physics, AP Biology, AP Calculus, etc)

AP Exam Booster Classes (both in person & online)

AP Biology Before-Test Review & Exam Preparation

USABO (USA Biology Olympiad) Summer Training camp

Preparing for the AP Biology exam requires a deep understanding of many different topics in biology as well as an understanding of the format of the AP exam and the types of questions it asks. This rigorous before-test final review course designed to help you fill the gaps and cover all material relevant to the AP Biology exam and boost your score!

About Coach Derek (MIT)

  • He is USA Biology Olympiad (USABO) National Finals Gold Medalist (National top 4),

  • 2021 USA Biolympiad Team Member

  • 2021 International Biology Olympiad (IBO) Silver Medalist

  • 2021 USA Physics Olympiad (USAPHO) National Honorable Mention Recipient,

  • 5x American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME) Qualifier,

  • National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist,

  • USA Computing Olympiad (USACO) Gold Division Recipient,

  • Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists (PROMYS) Alum & MIT PRIMES

Registration Link: https://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/eventReg?oeidk=a07ej40hlh6444a48c8&oseq=&c=&ch=

2022 Alpha STEM Spring courses

(PreK~12, Virtual & Onsite, Jan 2~Jun 12, 2022)


Easy Registration:


2021~2022 National/International Math Competitions

  • AIME I, JMO, AMO (Invited only for 2022 AIME Qualifiers)

  • AMC 8/10/12 (2022 Spring closed)

  • 2021 ~2022 Math Olympiad for Elementary & Middle School Students (MOEMS, Online)


  • 2022 Spring Noetic National Math Contest (K~8) (Apr 16, 2022, Sat, 7 pm, Open)


Spring Courses

  • Dr. Barry, Jr. Math & Logic, Sunday 1~2 pm for advanced mathematical kids 5~7 years old (Full, closed)

  • Dr. H, AMC 8/10/MATHCOUNTS Selects, Sun 9:00 am~10:30 am

  • Dr. Tan, Competition Math Team for 4th~6th graders, Sun 7:00~8:30 pm

  • Dr. S, Math Enrichment for 4th~6th graders, M/W/F, 7:00~8:00 pm (Full, closed)

  • Prof. Zhu, AP Calculus BC (Prof. Zhu has won multiple college teaching awards)

  • Competition Writing Team (Middle/High School Team for International Writing Contests) (Full, closed)

  • Dr. T, F=ma HS Competition Physics Team️ (for advanced mathletes who shows interest in exploring competitive Physics) (Full, closed)

  • Dr. Feng, AP Physics 1 (from Harvard University, helped many kids excel in Math & Physics competition at National Level) (Full, closed)

  • Dr. D, intensive before contest AMC 10/12 Training

  • Coach Q, Math & Logic for 1st/2nd graders

  • 1st grade NNAT & 2nd grade CogAT (Johns Hopkins University, Gifted Education Specialist) (Open)

  • Phoenix Chess Club

  • Phoenix Chinese Immersion Program (PreK~12) (Most classes are full & closed, a few spots available for Level 0 & Level 5)

  • Middle School Science Team

  • Coding (Python Beginners & Scratch)

Phoenix Art Studio (2022 Spring classes)

2021 Phoenix Art Studio Summer & Fall Courses


Alpha STEM Art Center "Korean Kpop" & "International Latin Dance" (Sat 4~6 pm)


New Year Phoenix Cup Chess Championship (Jan 1, 2022)


For K-1, K-4, K-8 & Champion Section, 4-SS, G/25, d5

  • Special Top Girl trophies in each section to encourage more chess girls!, Top K-1 Award, Awards (Trophy/Cash Prize) to top 3 players in each section, medals to all players won 3 points. We debuted Mixed Doubles Bonus prizes, special bonus cash prizes awarded only to the two players (One Female and one Male, it's OK to have a partner in a different section) on the three top-scoring Mixed Doubles Teams. Total $45 cash prize to top three teams. ($20 to the first team, $15 the the 2nd team, $ 10 to the third). Invite your Girl/Lady teammate as early as possible! (You must report mixed double team list before the 1st round). Register Now

About us

For gifted and profoundly gifted youth, who are seeking mentors, peers, and radical acceleration on STEM, art, language immersion & chess.

Da Vinci Art Studio

Alpha STEM Robotics & Coding Club

Alpha STEM Math Club

Phoenix Chess Club


Phoenix Chess Club proudly sent their chess kids to Team USA, will represent USA National Team for World Youth Chess Championship held in Europe!