Vocations and callings

Helping at All Saints

There are many ways to be more involved in All Saints. Have you thought of:

  • welcoming people into church

  • working with our young people

  • helping with catering

  • joining the music group

  • reading lessons

  • leading prayers

  • helping with cleaning or simple maintenance

  • joining the PCC

We have lots of roles in church which need your enthusiasm. Just ask Revd Herbert or the Church wardens, Kathy, Eugenia or Ola for suggestions.

Southwark Diocese training and roles

If you are drawn to working more formally, would like training or maybe see a possible role in the lay or ordained ministry here are some of the roles Southwark Diocese can help with. Ask Revd Herbert for more details of what they involve or go to the website. There is general advice here. Roles that Revd Herbert has highlighted include

  • Readers, who teach the faith (preaching, teaching, and leading worship), enable mission, and lead in church and society (assisting in pastoral, evangelistic and liturgical work in the local church and community)

  • Pastoral ministry (including Southwark Pastoral Auxiliaries), who help to develop caring and pastoral work on behalf of the Church. This may take place within the local church, or in the wider community

  • Lay Pioneers, who connect with people outside of the Church, creating new ways of doing church together in the community

  • Church Army Evangelists, who work to transform lives and local communities, and to enable people to come to faith

  • Children’s and Youth Workers, who nurture and encourage young people in their Christian faith and support them in the local community

  • Spiritual Directors, who walk alongside people in their journey of faith, helping them to reflect on their lives and experiences and to explore how they might become more open to the movements of the Holy Spirit.

You can find more information on the roles and responsibilities of lay ministry by talking to Revd Herbert or on the Lay Ministries and Pioneer Ministries pages.