Active Research

I am the lead of a 3 year study funded by the Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research. The aim of this project is to use practice facilitation to assist practices with screening, brief interventions, motivational interviewing and medication assisted therapy. As the project lead, and co-PI, I assisted with project development, data collection and management strategies, outreach and recruitment, practice management, and data collection. We will be collecting data in 2020-2022 and analyzing results during this period. Click here to view the project website.

Using the All-Payers Claims Database (APCD) the VCU research team and I classified physicians into their roles in the community based on self-classification, billing and coding, and wellness care provided. This work will be foundational to further exploring the 4C's of primary care: First Contact, Comprehensiveness, Coordination, and Continuous care.

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Cervical Cancer Screening and Primary HPV Testing

I am developing research evaluating the impact of self- HPV swabbing on health disparities related to cervical cancer. With both the USPSTF and the American Cancer Society recommending primary HPV screening (in lieu of co-testing) for cervical cancer, there is opportunity to use home testing and increasing access for patients to get screened for cervical cancer.

Certification of Family Physicians and Quality of Care 

In my first Principal Investigator role, I am identifying the association of quality of care provisioned to patients and the status of board certification of the family physician. In conjunction with the American Board of Family Medicine and the American Board of Family Medicine Foundation, I plan to link quality metrics, such as use of oral antibiotics for self limited otitis media, and board certification using the Virginia All-Payers Claims Database. 

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