Alexander Crane

Who am I?

I am a Kansas City-native software engineer and game developer, with a focus on the fields of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. I have a passion for creating unique user interfaces, engaging users, designing gameplay mechanics, level creation, world-building, and bringing my own innovative features into projects. I believe my roots in art have lent me a certain type of creativity not often seen in the software engineering field, and it has often helped me see things from a different perspective.

Accolades & Roles

Game Development World Cup - Regional Organizer & Judge (responsible for entirety of Midwest United States, United Kingdom, Canada)

Global Game Jam - Regional Organizer (responsible for Midwest United States)

Ludum Dare 46 - Ranked Top 10% Worldwide in Theme and Humor Categories

Ludum Dare 45 - Ranked Top 1% Worldwide in Innovation Category

Major League Hacking (HackKU 2019) Winner of "Best Game Award", 2nd Place Overall


Alexander Crane Resume.pdf