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Alcino FERREIRA's personal homepage

The probabilities of someone stumbling on this website by accident are negligible. Therefore I assume that you have arrived here on purpose. You must therefore be a family member, a friend, a student of former student, a fellow teacher, or simply somebody I have met. If, this is not the case, be aware that this is the (famous and world-acclaimed) personal web page of Alcino E. Ferreira, Associate Professor of Naval English at the French Naval Academy.

The primary goal of this page is to gather all the information about me that may be of use to... anyone. This information is destined to my family, my friends, my students and former students, workmates, fellow teachers, or prospective employers, etc. In any case, whatever the reason that brought you here, you are most welcome to nose around. Thank you for popping by.

Disclaimer:This page should not be taken for anything else than what it is: a personal web page. I do not wish to receive comments as to its form and/or contents. The web is probably the last (only?) space of true freedom of speech, and this small portion of it is devoted to my opinions. Do not bother to write to give me yours because I do not care. Therefore, should you have remarks, comments, criticisms even, stick them where the sun don't shine. :-)