Alan works with adult piano musicians with levels ranging from beginner through Doctorate degrees in music. Advanced concepts of hand technique in classical piano music are coupled with improvisation in Jazz, Broadway and Popular Music. Students learn theory and harmony to understand the language of music. Lessons are given in a friendly cooperative manner, encouraging questions and supporting the learning style of the individual.

Many of Alan's students are also piano teachers and educators, wanting to expand their understanding of piano technique and music education. As a 26-year participant in the Dorothy Taubman & Edna Golandsky Institutes, he works with pianists to facilitate virtuosity in classical piano performance while erasing pain and injury caused by muscle tightness, isolation and fatigue.

Alan's younger students gain both skills and performance confidence. Many have won competitions, resulting in performances at Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center, and Weill Recital Hall as well as Zankel Hall at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Some of his students have also performed at venues in Russia, China, Canada, Germany and Austria.

Alan's teaching includes Jazz theory and harmony education, along with improvisation. He likes to point out that the same language is being spoken by the great classical composers.