Alan has performed a wide variety of musical genres in an array of venues. He is equally comfortable lecturing at Steinway Hall in New York as entertaining at Health Spas. Presenting programs at pre-schools through retirement communities, Alan receives enthusiastic response from people of all ages. He has lectured to groups such as the Shore Music Educators of New Jersey, and given presentations such as "Duets at the piano" to the Golandsky Institute at Princeton University. He performs often for town libraries such as Jackson and Middletown, NJ. Alan gave his Carnegie Hall debut in 2007.

While attending the first International Music Pedagogy Conference at Moscow’s famed Tchaikovsky Conservatory in 1991, he was one of the few Americans in Russia at the time of the coup that led to the collapse of the Soviet Union. In 2004 and 2007 as President of the historic Cecilian Music Club, he helped lead a group of 40 American students in joining 60 Chinese students to perform a 100 Piano “Monster” concert in Shanghai, China. In 2011 he went to St. Petersberg, Russia with 6 students (and their families) that were winners in the Crescendo International Competition. Alan gave his Vienna, Austria, debut in 2012 performing a program on Beethoven and the Op. 57 at Haus der Musik, a 5 story interactive music museum.

Alan is the current President of the Shore Music Educators Association, and past President of the Music Educators Association of New Jersey and the Cecilian Music Club of 1883. He continues to create a set of recordings called the “Guided Listening Series” which feature short explanations before each piece.

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