Alan Wasserman is a noted educator and classical pianist that plays many styles of music. Bach, Beethoven and Chopin easily lead into Tango, Csardas, Klezmer, Boogie or Jazz waltz pieces. Alan manages to tie them all together with personality and emotion.

Wasserman has performed in China, Russia, Britain, and Europe, as well as colleges, museums, libraries and events in many states of the USA, including New York City’s Weill Hall at Carnegie Hall.

Alan’s primary love is one-on-one teaching, and expanding traditional piano pedagogy. Teaching privately via Zoom, FaceTime and Skype from Jackson, NJ and Osprey, Florida, he has students in several states and Mexico that are adult beginners, piano Doctorates and private piano teachers who enjoy furthering their musical skills.

He frequently serves as a judge for piano competitions and lectures at Music Educator Associations (he is past president of three of them).

Alan is a lifelong student of piano technique and continues to pursue these studies. He was a twenty-six year participant of the famed Taubman and Golandsky Institutes at Amherst College, Williams College, and Princeton University, and has helped foster the tradition of Dorothy Taubman piano technique.

His programs are always joyful displays of the power of music. Alan always explains each piece he is about to play with enjoyable (light-hearted, witty, humorous, and contemplative) commentary covering topics including composers, time periods, personalities, performance concerns and historic anecdotes.

Alan is also a Chi Kung and Tai Chi 'player', a black belt in Tai Kwon Do, and a student of yoga.