Laboratory for Classical and Emerging Electronic Devices


10/2018 Prof. Alam will receive the highest IEEE Education Award "For educating, inspiring, and mentoring studends and electron device professionals around the world".

09/2018 Predictive modeling to serve as an EKG to monitor the health of a solar farm. A purdue New Release on the recent work by X. Sun.

05/2018 Four quizzes for the PVSC Tutorial (Quiz 1, Quiz 2, Quiz 3, Quiz 4) and a draft copy of the corresponding book is posted here and here. The codes are posted at this website.

04/2018 Xingshu Sun's Applied Energy paper on bifacial solar modules has been highlighted in Nature Energy. Link

03/2018 Raghu Chavali's paper on Heterojunction solar cell has been selected as the cover story for "Progressin photovoltaics" Journal.

02/2018 Aida Ebrahimi's work on the mechanics of temperature-dependent death of bacteria is featured as a NSF Science360 highlight.

12/2017 Purdue News Release and a perspective by Prof. Ionescu explain the importance of our recent work on 2D NCFET published in Nature Nanotechnology.

11/2017 Prof. Alam will discuss the reliability of post-Moore electronics in a keynote talk at 2018 IPFA Conference to be held in Singapore.

09/2017 Two papers from the group will be featured in IEDM, the flagship conference of our field. The first paper by Woojin Ahn will discuss self-heating of FinFET and Nanosheet transistors, while the second paper will discuss 2D Negative Capacitor Transistors.

04/2017 Aida Ebrahimi has successfully defended her thesis on "Droplet-based Impedance Sensing for Biomedical Applications and Probing Bacterial Response to Environmental Stressors". She will join Penn State University as an Assistant Professor in Fall 2017.

03/ 2017 Xingshu Sun's article on spectrally cooled solar module is highlighted in Nature Energy. Link

03/2017 Prof. Alam will offer a tutorial on the physics of self-heating in confined geometry transistors , such as FinFET and SOI Transistors, at the 2017 IRPS Conference.

02/2017 S.-H. Shin has successfully defended his thesis on the Physics of Self-Heating in Confined Geometry Transistors, such as FinFETs. He is headed to IBM T.J. Watson Lab in New York .

Recent Highlights

[Transistors] "Steep Slope Hysteresis-free Negative Capacitance MoS2 Transistors " M. Si, C.-J. Su, C. Jiang, N. J. Conrad, H. Zhou, K. D. Maize, G. Qiu, C.-T. Wu, A. Shakouri, M. A. Alam and Peide D. Ye, Nature Nanotechnology (2017) doi:10.1038/s41565-017-0010-1

[Solar Cells] “Thermodynamic Efficiency Limits of Classical and Bifacial Multi-junction Tandem Solar Cells: An Analytical Approach”, M. A. Alam and R. Khan, Applied Physics Letters, 109 (17), 173504, 2016.

[Nanonets] “Evidence of Universal Temperature Scaling in Self-heated Percolating Network”, S. Das, A. Mohammed, K. Maize, S. Sadeque, A. Shakouri, D. Janes, and M. A. Alam, Nanoletters, 2016.

[Biosensors] “Evaporation-induced Stimulation of Bacterial Osmoregulation for Electrical Assessment of Cell Viability”, A. Ebrahimi and M. A. Alam, PNAS, 113, 059-7064, 2016. The work has been highlighted in news outlets, including ScienceDaily (June 2016).

[Reliability] “Direct Observation of self-heating in III-V Gate-all-around Nanowire MOSFETs”, S.-H. Shin, M.A. Wahab, P. Ye, M. A. Alam, IEEE Trans. Elec. Dev. 2015.

[Solar Cells] “High Efficiency Solution-Processed Perovskite Solar Cells with Millimeter-Scale Grains,” W. Nie, H. Tsai, R. Asadpour, J.-C. Blancon, A. J. Neukirch, G. Gupta, J. Crochet, M. Chhowalla, S. Tretiak, M. A. Alam, H.-L. Wang, and A. D. Mohite, Science 347 (6221), 522, 2015.

[Solar Cells] “A Collection Limited Theory Interprets the Extraordinary Response of Single Semiconductor Organic Solar Cells”, B. Ray, A. Baradwaj, R. Khan, B. Boudouris, and M. A. Alam, Proc. of National Academy of Sciences, 112(36), 11193-11198, 2015.