Laboratory for Classical and Emerging Electronic Devices


05/2021 The International Energy Commission IEA-PVPS report on the technology potential of next-generation solar Cells includes our contributions to thermodynamics and design considerations of bifacial solar cells.

04/2021 Nicolo Zagni's paper on NC-BioFET is highlighted as one of the most important papers on 2D electronics published by Applied Physics Letters.

03/2021 An article in the global Edition of PV Magazine has highlighted the collaborative international study by Tahir Patel on “Global analysis of next-generation utility-scale PV: Tracking bifacial solar farms,” published in Applied Energy.

07/2020 An article in the global Edition of PV Magazine has highlighted the importance of Tahir Patel's recent work on “Temperature-dependent energy gain of bifacial PV farms: A global perspective,” published in Applied Energy.

06/2020 A Purdue news release highlights the significance of our recent PNAS paper on the thermodynamic limits of bifacial solar cells. An interview with "Inside Indiana Business" offers a broader perspective.

10/2019 Two recent papers have been highlighted as Editor's Choice for the respective journals: Applied Physics Letters highlighted Bikram K. Mahajan and Yen-Pu Chen's paper on β-Ga2O3 transistors and ACS Materials Letters highlighted Nicolo Zagni's paper on Perovskite-based Reconfigurable MOSFETs.

09/2019 IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices has published a special issue on reliability whose cover page featured our work. See the page here.

08/2019 "New Era Electronics" launched

05/2019 The editors of Applied Physics Letters will highlight Nicolo Zagni's paper on Supernerstian biosensors as an Editor's Choice article on the journal's website.

05/2019 Levi Davies is the receipient of the prestigious Draper Fellowship. He will be working on radiation-hard 3D electronics.

03/2019 Quiz1 and Quiz2 regarding the physics of self-heated transistors for the tutorial in the International Reliability Physics Symposium.

03/2019 Applied Physics Letters has published a special issue on negative capacitor field-effect transistor. The collection was guest-edited by Prof. Alam, Prof. Ye, and Dr. Si.

Recent Highlights

[Transistors] "Highly Sensitive Active Pixel Image Sensor Array Driven by Large-area Bilayer MoS2 Transistor Circuitry", S. Kim et al. , Nature Communications, 2021. PDF

[Solar Cells] "Shockley-Queisser Triangle Predicts the Thermodynamic Efficiency Limits of Arbitrarily Complex Multi-junction Tandem and Bifacial Solar Cells," M. A. Alam and M. R. Khan, Proc. National Academy of Sciences, 2019.

[Transistors] "Negative Capacitor Field Effect Transistor: A Review," M. Alam, M. Si, and P. Ye, Applied Physics Letters, 2019. PDF Editorial

[Solar Cells] "Ground-sculpted Vertical Bifacial Solar Farms," M. Ryyan Khan, E. Sakr, X. Sun, P. Bermel, and M. Alam, Applied Energy, 241, 592-598, 2019. PDF

[Transistors] "Steep Slope Hysteresis-free Negative Capacitance MoS2 Transistors " M. Si, C.-J. Su, C. Jiang, N. J. Conrad, H. Zhou, K. D. Maize, G. Qiu, C.-T. Wu, A. Shakouri, M. A. Alam and Peide D. Ye, Nature Nanotechnology (2017) doi:10.1038/s41565-017-0010-1

[Solar Cells] “Thermodynamic Efficiency Limits of Classical and Bifacial Multi-junction Tandem Solar Cells: An Analytical Approach”, M. A. Alam and R. Khan, Applied Physics Letters, 109 (17), 173504, 2016.

[Biosensors] “Evaporation-induced Stimulation of Bacterial Osmoregulation for Electrical Assessment of Cell Viability”, A. Ebrahimi and M. A. Alam, PNAS, 113, 059-7064, 2016. The work has been highlighted in news outlets, including ScienceDaily (June 2016).

[Solar Cells] “High Efficiency Solution-Processed Perovskite Solar Cells with Millimeter-Scale Grains,” W. Nie, H. Tsai, R. Asadpour, J.-C. Blancon, A. J. Neukirch, G. Gupta, J. Crochet, M. Chhowalla, S. Tretiak, M. A. Alam, H.-L. Wang, and A. D. Mohite, Science 347 (6221), 522, 2015.

[Solar Cells] “A Collection Limited Theory Interprets the Extraordinary Response of Single Semiconductor Organic Solar Cells”, B. Ray, A. Baradwaj, R. Khan, B. Boudouris, and M. A. Alam, Proc. of National Academy of Sciences, 112(36), 11193-11198, 2015.