Director of Acousto-Bioelectronics Lab.
Prof. Albert Kim

Office: Engineering 712

1947 N. 12th St

Philadelphia, PA 19122


Dr. Albert Kim is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Temple University. He earned his B.S. (2008), M.S. (2010), and Ph.D. (2015) from Purdue University. He was a R&D engineer of Intel Corp. before joining Temple University. His research has founded on Acousto-Bioelectronics, a branch of electrical engineering that studies the use of sound waves in the biomedical microelectromechanical system (BioMEMS) and nanotechnology. This includes a variety of devices and microsystems to address important clinical problems, including cancer, cardiovascular monitoring, and dental. Our group collaborates closely with physicians in order to transfer the technology to the clinic. His researches on a novel electromechanical interrogation scheme and a wearable gait analyzer have been featured in news media, such as Fox News, Science Magazine, Chicago Tribute, Engadget, Popular Science, etc. Dr. Kim has co-authored over 50 publications in prestigious journals, international conferences, and patents.

Graduate Students

Sayemul Islam

Sayemul joined the group in Fall 2017. He received his MS in Electrical Engineering from Temple University and BS in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh. His research interests include piezoelectric and ultrasonic devices, wireless implantable sensors, microelectronics, and embedded systems.



Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca Campbell is currently a direct Ph.D. student in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Temple University. She received her B.S in Physics from Lebanon Valley College, Annville, PA. Her research area includes implantable microdevices for cancer therapy. She joined the group in Fall 2019.

Sumnoon Ahmed

Sumnoon joined the group in Fall 2021. Sumnoon has completed his BS in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Dhaka, Bangladesh. His research area includes wireless wearable and energy efficient bio-implantable devices.


Prof. Geelsu Hwang, University of Pennsylvania

Prof. Jungkwun Kim, Kansas State University

Prof. Haijun Liu, Temple University

Prof. Joseph Picone, Temple University

Prof. Seung Hyun Song, SookMyung Women's University

Prof. Chang-hee Won, Temple University

Undergraduate Students

Name Institution Year

Abdulaziz N A E Almesseri Temple University Spring 2021 - Current

Alanis Indira Santiago Temple Univeristy Spring 2021 - Current

Michael Domic Temple University Spring 2021 - Current

Dinnae Erica Buton Temple University Summer 2019

Jonathan Deslouches Temple University Summer 2018

Ji Ku Muhlenberg University Summer 2018

Anna Nguyen Temple University Summer 2018

William Purcell Temple University Summer 2018

Samuel Rhee Temple University Summer 2018

Kevin Simonson Temple University Summer 2018

Elijah Zimmerman Temple University Summer 2018


Name Degree Year

Anrvan Majumdar Temple University 2018

Join the team

We seek highly motivated researchers who enjoy working in a team while concomitantly desiring to pursue their own ideas in a supportive environment. Desired expertise include, but not limited to, mathematical modeling, circuit design, embedded system, micro and nano fabrication, biophysics.