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Post-doctoral fellow, Research Assistant (GRA) Opportunity (Ph.D./M.Sc.)

*2024 - 2025: One (1) Post-doctoral fellow position and Two (2) GRA positions are available immediately.

I seek talented individuals who will work under my supervision on an interdisciplinary research project focused on 1) BioMEMS and biomedical microdevices or 2) embedded electronics systems (e.g., microcontroller). The Ph.D. student will work in a unique research environment. Further details on the type of research being carried out in the Acousto-Bioelectronics can be can found here.

The ideal candidate shall have:


Credentials and Qualifications: 

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Independent Study Opportunity

I supervise about two undergraduate students through the Independent Study research credit course.


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Q&A for students applying to the University of South Florida graduate program


Are you hiring a new graduate student now or next fall?

The number of new students I will consider depends on the number of current students, funding availability, and other limitations that affect the effectiveness of my student mentoring. Generally, I try to hire one (or two) new graduate students each year.

I am applying to the graduate program at the University of South Florida. Can I join the Acousto-Bioelectronics Lab?

In the application form, list my name as the faculty you are interested in working with. Your application will likely be delivered to my desk for review. In the Statement of Purpose, please be specific on why you are interested in my research group. After submitting your application, feel free to send me your details with your Resume (Link). For admission requirements, please see the link (


How can I request an interview?

Feel free to contact me directly by sending me an email (akim1[at]