Workshops & Tutorials

Workshop on Programming Languages in Entertainment (Link to site)

The PLIE workshop will focus on work at the intersection of Programming Languages (PL) and Games, both broadly construed; especially PL methods applied in Games-related contexts. The goal is to bring together researchers across communities, i.e. who participate primarily in one of these communities but have an interest in both areas, to identify convergent lines of work and spark new collaborations.

Experimental AI in Games (Link to site)

This workshop aims to foster experimentation in game AI research and all forms of game development. Papers and demos can be submitted to EasyChair until Aug 2. More information can be found on our website. We look forward to seeing your amazing, weird, and out-of-the-box experimental work!

Strategy Games Workshop (Link to site)

The goal of this workshop is to again bring together AI researchers and game AI programmers from industry, who are interested in strategic game AI, to present and exchange ideas on the subject, and to discuss how academia and game companies can work together to improve the state-of-the-art in AI for games.

Sema: Live Coding Music with Machine Learning in the Browser (Link to tutorial)

In this tutorial, participants will have the opportunity to engage hands-on with sema, our browser-based system for musical live coding with AI. They will get introduced to the system and its languages, and to how to use signal processing, machine learning and machine listening in the exciting domain of live coding musical performance.