Accepted Papers

Full Oral Papers

A Case Study in Learning in Metagames: Super Smash Bros.
Melee Julien Codsi, Adrian Vetta

Reinforcement Learning Methods to Evaluate the Impact of AI Changes in Game Design
Pablo Gutiérrez-Sánchez, Marco A. Gómez-Martín, Pedro A. González-Calero, Pedro P. Gómez- Martín

The Impact of Visualizing Design Gradients for Human Designers
Matthew Guzdial, Nathan Sturtevant, Carolyn Yang

Optimizing Profit by Mitigating Recurrent Churn Labeling Issues: Analysis from the Game Domain ✹ Artifact Evaluated ✹
João Felipe Humenhuk, Luiz Bernardo Martins Kummer, Emerson Cabrera Paraiso

Tile Embedding: A General Representation for Level Generation ✹ Artifact Evaluated ✹
Mrunal Jadhav, Matthew Guzdial

Challenges in Generating Juice Effects For Automatically Designed Games ✹ Artifact Evaluated ✹
Mads Johansen, Michael Cook

A Force Dynamic Model of Narrative Agents
Quinn Kybartas, Clark Verbrugge, Jonathan Lessard

Plug-and-Blend: A Framework for Plug-and-play Controllable Story Generation with Sketches ✹ Artifact Evaluated ✹
Zhiyu Lin, Mark O. Riedl

MappyLand: Fast, Accurate Mapping for Console Games
Joseph C. Osborn, Adam Summerville, Nathan Dailey, Soksamnang Lim

Birds in Boots: Learning to Play Angry Birds with Policy-Guided Search
Lucas V. S. Pereira, Luiz Chaimowicz, Levi H. S. Lelis

Explaining Deep Reinforcement Learning Agents in the Atari Domain
Alexander Sieusahai, Matthew Guzdial

Effects of Deep Neural Networks on the Perceived Creative Autonomy of a Generative Musical System
Jason Smith, Jason Freeman

Sabre: A Narrative Planner Supporting Intention and Deep Theory of Mind
Stephen G. Ware, Cory Siler

The Definition-Context-Purpose Paradigm and Other Insights from Industry Professionals About the Definition of a Quest
Kristen K. Yu, Matthew Guzdial, Nathan Sturtevant

Poster Papers

Hierarchical Dual Attention-Based Recurrent Neural Networks for Individual and Group Activity Recognition in Games
Sabbir Ahmad, Magy Seif El-Nasr, Ehsan Elhamifar

Assessing the Effects of Interacting with MAP-Elites
Alberto Alvarez, Jose Font, Steve Dahlskog, Julian Togelius

Efficient 2D Sound Propagation in Video Games ✹ Artifact Evaluated ✹
Nima Davari, Clark Verbrugge

Search-Based Exploration and Diagnosis of TOAD-GAN
Maria Edwards, Ming Jiang, Julian Togelius

TAG: Terraforming Mars
Raluca D. Gaina, James Goodman, Diego Perez-Liebana

Winnow: A Domain-Specific Language for Incremental Story Sifting ✹ Artifact Evaluated ✹
Max Kreminski, Melanie Dickinson, Michael Mateas

Arachnophobia Exposure Therapy using Experience-driven Procedural Content Generation via Reinforcement Learning (EDPCGRL)
Athar Mahmoudi-Nejad, Matthew Guzdial, Pierre Boulanger

Content Reinjection for Super Metroid
Ross Mawhorter, Batu Aytemiz, Isaac Karth, Adam Smith

Crosston Tavern: Modulating Autonomous Characters Behaviour through Player-NPC Conversation
Elisabeth Oliver, Michael Mateas

Revealing Game Dynamics via Word Embeddings of Gameplay Data
Younès Rabii, Michael Cook

Can We Infer Player Behavior Tendencies From A Player’s Decision-Making Data? Integrating Theory of Mind to Player Modeling
Murtuza N. Shergadwala, Zhaoqing Teng, Magy Seif El-Nasr

Practitioner Papers

Multi-Agent Cooperation in Games with Goal Oriented Action Planner: Use Case in WONDER Prototype Project
Gautier Boeda

Advanced Real-Time Hierarchical Task Network: Long-Term Behavior in Real-Time Games
Kousuke Namiki, Tomohiro Mori, Youichiro Miyake, Shinpei Sakata, Gustavo Martins

AI Design Lessons for Social Modeling at Scale
Ethan Robison, Matthew Viglione, Robert Zubek, Ian Horswill

Social Modeling via Logic Programming in City of Gangsters
Robert Zubek, Ian Horswill, Ethan Robison, Matthew Viglione

Demonstrations and Playable Experiences

A Tool for Generating Monster Silhouettes with a Word-Conditioned Variational Autoencoder
Adrian Gonzalez, Matthew Guzdial, Felix Ramos

A Demonstration of KiaiTime: A Mixed-Initiative PCGML Rhythm Game Editor
Emily Halina, Matthew Guzdial

A Demonstration of Blabrecs, an AI-Based Wordgame
Max Kreminski, Isaac Karth

Curve-Based Level Generation for a Full-Body VR Rhythm Game
Erin J.K. Truesdell

Doctoral Consortium Abstracts

Generating Tailored Advice in Video Games through Play-Style Identification and Player Modelling
Branden Ingram

Automated Personalized Exposure Therapy Based on Physiological Measures Using Experience- Driven Procedural Content Generation
Athar Mahmoudi-Nejad