Youth Trainers

Youth Trainers Wednesday Schedule:


Youth Trainers: An Innovative program unique to AEA!

This uniting program builds a positive and cooperative relationship between our wonderful students! Every Wednesday 1st-4th (students and teachers) come out, one grade level at a time, for 25 minutes of fun physical fitness activities. Students are taught concepts, activities and strategies to improve health, performance, and social skills.

5th Grade students take on the role of ‘Youth Trainers’ to explore the central idea of how their leadership affects others while they work with their elementary counterparts to improve their personal fitness levels. Youth Trainers assign themselves specific jobs based on the IB Attributes and are assessed weekly on those job responsibilities. Targeted IB attributes (and attitudes) include Communicator, Caring, Reflective, Creative, Enthusiasm, Appreciation, Respect and Cooperation.

Youth Trainers also use the California Physical Fitness Tests (PFT) to practice assessing their clients on key fitness areas including aerobic capacity, muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility. ‘Trainers’ then lead activities to target those specific components of fitness.


  • In addition to promoting student health and reducing childhood obesity-
  • Mentoring and leadership opportunity for 5th grade students
  • ‘Education Code section 51210 states that each school district maintaining an elementary school composed of grades 1-5 must provide at least 200 minutes of P.E. instruction for every 10 school days, not including recesses and the lunch period.’
  • Gives students opportunity to learn and play with other children
  • ‘Schools offering intense physical activity programs have seen positive effects on test scores in mathematics, reading and writing, in addition to less disruptive classroom behavior.’


Classes alternate coming out every other Wednesday. Teachers stay to monitor safety, help manage behavior and supervise/join in the activities. Students spend 6 minutes at each station and then rotate to the next activity with their trainers.