Running Club establishes a foundation for a healthy and happy life by providing an opportunity for our children to develop a daily routine of physical exercise. Besides the obvious health benefits, aerobic exercise is proven to increase cognitive function and provide a tool to help children focus and learn more efficiently. The research is clear, children who are physically fit do better academically and aerobic activity enhances brain function...plus it’s just fun!


3rd-5th: Every 3rd-5th student is given their own ID card with a personalized barcode. Cards are scanned each lap with a laptracker device by a parent volunteer. Scanner data is then uploaded for accurate reports that show individual, class and school mileage. Top 10 runner reports are posted outside the Fitness Center. Class totals are posted in the classroom weekly.

*Students and families have access to individual digital dashboards to check progress and set goals!

K-2nd: K-2nd grade students receive a running stick every time they complete a lap from a parent volunteer. Each day, teachers collect and record the running sticks from the children on a chart. Students are recognized at individual mileage milestones.

When? Start Date?

3rd-5th: Before school (7:48-8:08)

Start Date: Second week of school. Students can 'Run for Fun' until their cards are created

K-2nd: Before School (7:48-8:08)

Start Date: 3 days into school (if we have volunteers)


3rd-5th: Run laps around the field

K-2nd: Run laps around the blacktop


Students, staff, siblings and families are welcome to join Running Club any day they wish. See PE teachers to get your own ID card!

Individual Mileage Milestones

Students are recognized monthly at individual mileage milestones with tokens that can be added to their i.Run chain. Physical Education teachers could also use milestones for upper grades assessments.

ALL (K-5th):

Every 10 miles (100 sticks/scans) = Foot Token

26 miles (260 sticks/scans) = '26 mile' Marathon Token

100 miles (1000 sticks/scans) = '100 mile' Ultramarathon Crew Member and Token

126 (1260 sticks/scans) =Another '26 mile' Marathon token

200 (2000 stick/scans) =Another '100 mile' Ultra-marathon token


All Ultramarathon Crew Members will be recognized annually for their achievement and commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

2nd Grade: Our second grade teacher team goes the extra mile and submits student laps to Mighty Milers for additional exciting mileage milestone rewards!


Top 5 overall and Top 3 female & Top 3 Male runners from each grade are recognized annually.

*Note: If students lose their running necklace and tokens, they are $1 to replace ($5 max).

Dashboard Accounts

Dashboard accounts give students access to their running data online (miles, participation, graphs, stats etc.). Each student has access to only his/her dashboard. Student Accounts are created automatically when Class Lists are set up for the new school year.

Example: Brian Nassif is a student at aea elementary school with Student ID 123456. His login is:

Username: aea123456

Password: 123456bn

  • Then go to reports --> Student Dashboard --> Select your name --> View Report

Be Principled and show integrity: Runners will automatically lose one foot (10 miles off their record) if they are caught cheating with their sticks. This means bringing sticks from home, taking their friend's sticks, lying when they enter their sticks, etc.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact your PE team or the amazing running club parent volunteers.