I was born and raised in Apple Valley, California and grew up playing all sorts of sports. I attended the University of California, Santa Barbara and earned a bachelors degree in Psychology. I minored in Philosophy and Exercise Health Science: Physical Education.

My passion for teaching Physical Literacy brought me to San Diego where I earned a teaching credential in Physical Education and Health Science at SDSU, and later my Master's in Education at USD. Over the years my role as a physical educator has developed into a balance of a sports coach and a physical literacy, social wellbeing and personal wellness “coach.”

As the first Physical Education Teacher at Albert Einstein Academies (since 2006!), I am very proud of the success our students have experienced and the comprehensive physical education program that we've built.

I married my lovely wife Felicia in 2012. We have two wonderful sons, Fred and Karl...and one lovable pup named Petey. I love traveling and all sports but some of my favorite are soccer, baseball, football, snowboarding and golf!