Disseminating my knowledge and skills into the community


Data Science (making sense of data)

Guided analytics and automated AI & Machine Learning to deliver measurable results.

Petrochemical Industry

  • Cost reduction of chemical analysis of products using optimized prediction models. Accuracy ~ 94.2%


  • Prediction of patient waiting time in ER via optimized ensemble of AI models. Accuracy ~ 86%


  • Identify potential customers for targeted telemarketing campaigns using automated data mining techniques to identify association patterns and perform complex cluster searches. Acceptance Rate ~ 72%

Many more examples in Traffic Prediction, Meteorology, Operation Overhead Reduction, Cost Optimization ... etc.



Contributing in the National e-Transformation Plan

  • QIYAS Visit Team Leader in the Third and Fifth eGovernment Transformation Measurement of the YESSER program
  • Jury member in the Saudi e-Government Achievement
  • Award for two consecutive years.
  • ENJAZ Jury member in the Saudi e-Government
  • Achievement Award for two consecutive cycles.


Information Technology

Cyber Security, Healthcare, and Enterprise IT

  • Adviser to the CIO of Security Forces Hospital Program,(SFHP) Ministry of Interior (MOI).
  • Master plan development of the Medical Cities of the Ministry of Interior that includes five hospitals in Riyadh complex and three hospitals in Jeddah complex.
  • Oversea the deployment and operation of the SFHP Hospital in Dammam.
  • Continuously review and update the IT policies and procedures of SFHP.
  • Develop G2C and G2G service specifications in healthcare for SFHP ensuring alignment with YESSER standards.
  • Review the specifications of the CMS of ARGAAM.COM, Dubai, U.A.E. and coordinate with implementer for on-time delivery.
  • Consultant to Danat, Dubai, U.A.E. for C2C business startup.
  • Building ECM and CMS for Castle Educational Consultants, a startup business in Sydney, Australia.