Building Redesign

Documenting a Proposal

Redesigning Proposal for Buildings 22 and 23 in KFUPM. The HQ of College of Computer Science and Engineering

The Redesign

New Capacity of combined buildings (22 and 23)

  • 86 Faculty offices.
  • 108 workstations for graduate students (MS and/or PhD level).
  • A faculty lounge.
  • A large prayer room.
  • 32 Labs (dry, wet and computing labs).
  • Common conference room with the capacity of fourty (40) seats.
  • Four (4) administration areas, one (1) for the Deanship and three (3) for the respective departments.
  • An open area lounge for students and faculty.
  • A food bar.

The Concept was realized in collaboration with:

Building 22 - Floor 5

Building 22 - Floor 4

Building 23 - Floor 3

Building 23 - Floor 2

Functional Areas


Deanship Office

Dean office staff workstations

Dean office waiting area

Meeting Room

Meeting Room (areal view)

Views of the office of the Dean

Chairmen Office

Faculty Office

Total capacity is 89 faculty office

Conforming to international standard size of 3m x 5m.

Graduate Student Workstations

Designed to ensure maximum interaction between faculty and graduate students to promote a healthy research environment.

The visualizations use two different type of furniture.


Total of 16 classrooms to serve the needs of the entire college within the college building.


The Common Computing lab with the kite table design

from Haworth furniture

General Labs

Building 23 was entirely redesigned to host 32 labs.

Seminar Rooms

48 Seats

A different seating configuration

48 Seats

Large Auditorium

98 Seats

Functional Areas


Main Lobby

The Entrance of the Building

  • Seating sofas.
  • Reception Desk.
  • Common food bar.

Main Hall

For social and official activities.