Rites of Passage

Expedition Overview

Students study different cultures, focusing on the types of rituals present. After exploring common rituals around birth, coming of age, marriage, death, and others, students dive more deeply into their current phase: coming of age. They will explore rites of passage, seeking to determine what defines a rite of passage as well as distinguishing between authentic and pseudo rites of passage. Students will experience many elements of a rite of passage while designing their own personal one. The final ceremony revolves around students reintegrating with the community while proving how they have moved towards adulthood.

Essential Questions:

  1. What does it mean to become a young adult?

  2. Who am I now and who am I becoming?

  3. What are the universal aspects of a ritual?

  4. How do rituals define the expectations that a society places on its members?

Here's a Word Cloud we created from students' final products