The achestnap collaborative is a values first incubator and hub for businesses, organizations, and initiatives which share a set of core beliefs. The collaborative facilitates, supports, and promotes unique and nontraditional partnerships between groups, unifying the collective voice to advance positive growth and change.

Mantra (& It's Meaning):

Aut Bibat, Aut Abeat

A latin phrase originally used by the Greek elite as peer pressure at parties, aut bibat, aut abeat loosely translates to "Drink up or get out!"  The philosopher Emperor Cicero, who is credited with advancing the Latin language beyond a tool of convenience to a medium for literary inspiration, repurposed the phrase, writing, that it stood as a reminder, if you are afraid of the possible repercussion, than don't take part. Diving deeper into Cicero's writings we learn Aut bibat, aut abeat had become a phrase equivalent to combining our modern-American phrases, "if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen"  and "crap or get off the pot". 

The collaborative has adopted this phrase agreeing with Cicero's interpretation and taking it a step further. 

Aut bibat, aut abeat - join us in commradery, or get out of our way. 

Teacher Appreciation 

Each month we select a monthly observance and find a way you can join us in celebrating!

April: 30 days of Poems

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Our Values

What role do the guiding values play?

Every member of the collaborative must adhere to and demonstrate a commitment to these five double 'L' values. It is the belief of the collaborative that by working with a shared understanding of these principles the community will find common ground and understanding, allowing for meaningful debate and discussion in moments of disagreement. The collaborative and its members do not work with entities who demonstrate an opposition on to these values. Prioritizing these values is apart of the collaborative's pledge and approach to creating systemic and cultural change in regards to how businesses and organizations engage with the world. 

Lionhearted Leadership
The buck stops with the leader who protects their team. Lionhearted leaders know their core, know their beliefs, and put themselves on the frontlines with those they lead. Lionhearted leadership looks at what often appear to be insurmountable enemies and screams, "Charge!" as they push forward at the head, the first to take on resistance.

Limitless Legacy
Limitless Legacy is a mindset, a goal, an inspiration. Limitless Legacy is a reminder that we cannot create today for today, but rather must always be mindful that our actions and decisions will have greater impact on those who follow us than we will ever know. We must ensure that our work is something future generations will be proud to grow, advance, and sustain.  Limitless Legacy is the voice of our great-great-grandchildren thanking us  for the foundational work we lay now. 

Learning through Listening
Learning is a process which should never stop.  Should we ever stop learning, we have failed in honoring the sentiment of these values in their entirety. In order to learn, yes we should research and read, but we must also learn to slow down and listen. Not just hear, not think we heard, not only hear what we want, but take the time listen to each other. Learning through Listening is a community elder telling us the stories and lessons of his youth. Learning through Listening says, "always trust but verify, and respond with thoughtfulness and respect."

Lasting Loyalty
Lasting, meaning ongoing. Loyalty, meaning commitment and dedication. Lasting loyalty isn't blind and has boundaries, but she allows for mistakes, poor judgement, missteps. She defends that which she claims and is transparent in her actions. Even in moments of conflict and turmoil, lasting loyalty says, "I stand with my team." 

Liberated Liberty
For too long liberty has been a privilege of the few, liberated liberty provide access and opportunity for all. It dismantles systems of oppression and eradicates barriers to access. Liberated Liberty says "“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free", but doesn't stop there, adding "and if anyone gets in the way, invite them to join you while unabashedly bull dozing anything that stands in the way of your ultimate liberation."

Current Members

Scrappy Operations 

Scrappy Ops is your one stop shop for affordable consultant services. With over 15 years of experience, the Scrappy Ops team is ready to support you in identifying and accomplishing your goals. 

Great Talks of Gratitude 

Launching May 3rd, Goodness, Gracias, Great Talks of Gratitude is a podcast hosted by Alli Knapp. In each episode, they interview a person who they hold gratitude for while discussing a relevant topic of interest,

the Postal Challenge

The power of the mail is unfathomable. The Postal Challenge celebrates this iconic and ageless communication tool and finds opportunities to build connections and to reconnect with folks we've lost contact with over time. 


For the third year, Pride is being celebrated in Beechview! From our Pride Party to our vigil on the anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub shooting, there are events all throughout June to recognized and celebrate the LGBTQ Community. 

The Knappsack

The Knappsack is a collection of thoughts, ideas, projects, and random cool stuff. 

33 is Gratitude

Last year I realized just how fortunate and blessed I am. So this year I'm dedicated to showing that gratitude. 


KnappNotions is the personal blog of the collaborative's founder, Alli Knapp. The first post discusses the 3800 regulations and how the Commonwealth of PA has failed to update them since 1999. 

Cool Shit

From some of my favorite artwork and quotes to a map of Pennsylvania outlining some of the commonwealth's parks, themes parks, and historical sites. You never know what's gonna be found in the Knappsack's Cool Shit. 

Vibez & Soundz

Did you know I love making Spotify playlists? And sometimes they turn our pretty okay! So I thought I 'd share them.